This weekend the sun came out, the temperatures went up and the shorts went on. It was so nice! Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling so great. Saturday I was a zombie most of the day, which just sucked because that was the night we went to see Kathy Griffin. Today I’m better, I just don’t seem to have an appetite. I must have eaten something bad.

Kathy Griffin was hilarious. It was very improvish, she just got up there and talked her head off about whatever came to mind. She hates Ryan Seacrest, so you for some reason you ever run into him, tell him Kathy says “Suck It.” I want to go hunt him down just to say it myself. Oh her TV show “My Life On The D List” returns on June 5th! Sweet! I would have enjoyed it more if I was feeling a bit better, and hadn’t been sat next to the grumpiest woman in the world who kept checking her phone.

In other news, its time for Vacation planning! Keith really wants to book the cruise for next January. We all decided to live dangerously and give Royal Caribbean a try this year. We’ve never done anything but Carnival. Unfortunately the ones we want leave Miami, whereas I want to do Orlando for Disney. May have to play with the flights a bit there. Also, Shannan from Texas has to go back to New Orleans this summer. She’s already rounding up the posse for Bourbon Street again. Oh lord!

This morning I woke up to hear something or someone outside the window apparently saying “Witch! Witch! Witch!” I was half asleep still, I think it was a bird or something. I don’t know, it was creepy though.


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  1. Let us know what ship you plan to cruise on, maybe we will join you. RCI is a bit on the expensive side. I was looking at NCL out of NY and NJ in January since they will be having year round departures from the Northeast.


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