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Ke$ha says Blah Blah Blah!

So I am in a marginally better mood. I am back in Jersey, and I gave John a right good spanking . . . no really, I turned him over and whooped his ass for being a Scrooge! It’s not like I took a wooden spoon to his bare as as my mom often did mine ๐Ÿ™‚

There is still one more holiday to get through, New Years. As of yet the plans are just gunna be decided on last minute I guess. We’ll either stay in or go into Philly to my friend Jen’s with some other friends.

Oh and as you may have noticed, I shaved . . . all over. I shaved my beard off before I left Virginia, cause as usual I didn’t bring a beard trimmer and it just got unruly. They when I got to Jersey I went and had my head shaved . . . cause I felt like it. When my beard grows back in in a day or so I’ll post a better picture . . . right now I just look like Buddha ๐Ÿ™‚

December the 26th, THANK GOD

I’ve never been so happy for it to be December the 26th. No that’s not a typo and yes you are on Dustin’s blog.

The photo I posted below was one of 2 photos I took on Christmas. The other was of Princess. I normally take photos of everything . . . . I took none this year. The only reason I posted that was because I knew if I didn’t, people would think something horrible happened to me, like someone broke into my house and killed me in my sleep.

In a way something horrible did. John and other friends have been so cranky and crabby this whole week they finally killed the most wonderful time of the year for me. Not only did they kill it, they gutted it with a rusty shank, kicked it’s dead body then violated it in ways we shall not discuss . . . . .

I’m not only glad it’s December 26th, I wish it was January 2nd so we could just get New Years over with and the whole Christmas Season was officially done with.

As clearly evident, I normally love to decorate everywhere. Even my room at home in Virginia gets it’s own small tree and a million and one nativities. Baby Jesus’ afterbirth hadn’t even dried up before I packed up every bit of Christmas from my room in Virginia. That’s how badly everyone killed Christmas for me.

Next year, in lieu of a cruise, I’ll book a room in the Poconos for me and the dogs. In lieu of gifts, people can just donate to the ASPA. That way maybe I won’t have to see that depressing Sarah McLachlan commercial on my TV every 10 minutes next year! I mean between that, the St. Jude’s commercial and everyone’s crabby mood rubbing off on me . . . . .


Merry Christmas . . . Oh No!
Classic Animated Christmas Carol

A great old version that used to be on television and scared the crap out of me when I was little. Hard to find anymore and has only ever been partially uploaded to YouTube before. This year someone put the whole thing up in one file.


Christmas 2010 Photos

Some quick Christmas decor photos. These are a mix of ones from Jersey and Virginia. If you hover over each one you’ll get a short description. Of note, the “vintage” candles aren’t vintage per say. They are Christopher Radko candles. Radko puts out old vintage ornaments using molds from the actual ones from years ago. My grandma actually had these candles for years, until someone decided to burn them one year (according to my mom). I remember seeing them out each year when I was little. She ordered them from the Vermont Country Store.


So I made it home to Virginia today. As usual I spent the night decorating the sci-fi tree. I have some photos on my camera of all the Jersey decorations. Once I take some photos down here in Virginia I’ll make a post. I got almost the entire village of Bethlehem up this year, I was short on space for six freaking figures. Grrrr!

I have a lot of work to do this week, it will be interesting to see how much gets done. Some of it, like grading final exams, I really would rather not do. Other stuff I have to get done before I can get on that big boat in January. I did finally book our hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, so aside from packing and a few new articles of clothes, the vacation is pretty much set.

Till I can post more, I leave you with this amazing Christmas Carol. You’ll be singing it all this week, which will make you very popular around the family, especially the kids.

Alive (Barely) . . . And Still Decorating . . . .

So let’s see . . . first I’m sick. I tried to avoid it as long as I could, everyone around me had it, and I eventually got it. Blah! Not fun. I was supposed to go to Virginia for the weekend to help decorate, but that got canned. I’m hoping to go down a little earlier than planned next weekend though.

I have slowly gotten most of the decorations up here in Jersey this week. I had planned to finish them yesterday, but I got hit with this cold. I might be able to drag my ass off the couch tomorrow to do so. Oh yes, the pink nightmare is back . . . and this year so are the peekaboo penis beads! Grrrrr . . . and John said I wasn’t allowed to strap Baby Jesus to the top of the tree because it was “twisted.” I said so were his beads!

I spent the day watching ABC’s “25 Days of Christmas” while sick. I will at least say for once they played Christmas movies. Bottom of the barrel ones, but Christmas movies. Don’t ever ever ever watch the movie “Jack Frost,” cause it’s horrible. Next week ABC Family returns to their regularly scheduled shlock . . . Disney Pixar Movies (which are NOT Christmas movies even though they try and claim they are).

What else . . . John’s sister got us a yard nativity! I have my suspicions . . . . I had been taking photos of the most tackiest ones I was seeing while shopping and sending them to John’s phone. I don’t know if she picked up on that I wanted one, or he picked up on the fact that I might buy an inflatable one and was frightened . . . She got us a very tasteful cut-out one though.

I could consider this my “new” nativity set for the year . . . but I learned there is now a Playmobile nativity set. OMG I need it! I actually would have loved that as a kid. (It would have gone well with Playmobile cowboy and indians and Playmobile Civil War). Here I thought nothing could beat the Charlie Brown Nativity set I bought last year.

Anyways, I’ll post some photos of our house when it’s all done. Then of course of 2nd home in Virginia later on.

I just realized it’s under one month until the cruise. Oh lordy! I haven’t even found us a hotel for the night down in Ft. Lauderdale, I guess I best get on it. This year we are finally moving on up, and doing the Allure of the Seas on Royal Caribbean. It’s the biggest and newest ship! We wanted to do the sister ship last year, but it was just too expensive. This year we are going with my friend Heidi and her husband. This marks our third cruise together. Keith, who has also been a cruising buddy in years past, can’t come this year because of work. The ship should be amazing, and because it’s a new ship we’ve never been on, I’ll be taking a million pictures. It goes to a bunch of the smaller islands, so no Mayan ruins on this venture (I think I’ve seen most of them at this point anyways).