December the 26th, THANK GOD

I’ve never been so happy for it to be December the 26th. No that’s not a typo and yes you are on Dustin’s blog.

The photo I posted below was one of 2 photos I took on Christmas. The other was of Princess. I normally take photos of everything . . . . I took none this year. The only reason I posted that was because I knew if I didn’t, people would think something horrible happened to me, like someone broke into my house and killed me in my sleep.

In a way something horrible did. John and other friends have been so cranky and crabby this whole week they finally killed the most wonderful time of the year for me. Not only did they kill it, they gutted it with a rusty shank, kicked it’s dead body then violated it in ways we shall not discuss . . . . .

I’m not only glad it’s December 26th, I wish it was January 2nd so we could just get New Years over with and the whole Christmas Season was officially done with.

As clearly evident, I normally love to decorate everywhere. Even my room at home in Virginia gets it’s own small tree and a million and one nativities. Baby Jesus’ afterbirth hadn’t even dried up before I packed up every bit of Christmas from my room in Virginia. That’s how badly everyone killed Christmas for me.

Next year, in lieu of a cruise, I’ll book a room in the Poconos for me and the dogs. In lieu of gifts, people can just donate to the ASPA. That way maybe I won’t have to see that depressing Sarah McLachlan commercial on my TV every 10 minutes next year! I mean between that, the St. Jude’s commercial and everyone’s crabby mood rubbing off on me . . . . .



6 Responses to “December the 26th, THANK GOD”

glittermom Says:

Sorry to hear you had a bad Christmas..I’m sure your new year will be better..


emily Says:

For the record, I’m not one of your cranky friends for once.


Pat Cheney Says:

Dustin-so sorry to hear you did not enjoy Christmas. Next year will be better. Remember, Christmas is inside us, try not to let others take away your joy-if they are not in the mood, it is his/her problem.


brand new w Says:

oh no!! i’m so sorry to hear this…. it sucks when other people have to go and ruin things. i’m sorry you had a bad Christmas… here’s to a better 2011, and don’t let people’s negativity bring you down…! Hugs.


Aravis Says:

People can really suck. But Christmas will always live inside you, Dustin. Don’t let the Grinch get you down. *G*

I like your ASPCA donation idea!


Lin aka WV Nan Says:

I know how important Christmas is to you–so sad that others that you love had such an effect on your spirits. Sure hope this isn’t an indication about the cruise. I like the idea of the Poconos and the dogs!