Ke$ha says Blah Blah Blah!

So I am in a marginally better mood. I am back in Jersey, and I gave John a right good spanking . . . no really, I turned him over and whooped his ass for being a Scrooge! It’s not like I took a wooden spoon to his bare as as my mom often did mine 🙂

There is still one more holiday to get through, New Years. As of yet the plans are just gunna be decided on last minute I guess. We’ll either stay in or go into Philly to my friend Jen’s with some other friends.

Oh and as you may have noticed, I shaved . . . all over. I shaved my beard off before I left Virginia, cause as usual I didn’t bring a beard trimmer and it just got unruly. They when I got to Jersey I went and had my head shaved . . . cause I felt like it. When my beard grows back in in a day or so I’ll post a better picture . . . right now I just look like Buddha 🙂


3 Responses to “Ke$ha says Blah Blah Blah!”

glittermom Says:

I like the smooth look better!


Aravis Says:

Sometimes you just have to run with those impulses. Anyway, hair grows back and, when you’re ready to, you’ll let it. :0)


brand new w Says:

My plans include take-out Indian food and cozying up in my Snuggie while I watch movies on my computer all night long. A plate of cheese may or may not make a cameo.

Happy New Year!