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It Needed To Be A Couch Day

I was Mr. Crabby pants today, why I don’t know. I really wanted to just lay on the couch and watch movies and TV, but I had too much to do. I might have to do this tomorrow if I’m still in a funk.

Somehow I have gotten sucked into “American Idol.” I never really cared about this show before, but this year I’ve been watching it (probably because nothing else is on). I’m not sure if I will stick with it till the end though. I’m sure the people I like, who I couldn’t name for you, will get kicked off. Oh yeah, Simon needs to stop giving fashion advice. Hello! Spice Girls!

Did anyone watch “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?” I did, and sadly I’m not. The questions on that show, holy hell! Hello that was tenth grade geometry, not third grade math! I also never remember having animal or physical sciences in 4th grade. If they are teaching this stuff to kids this young, how is it that Americans are supposedly becoming dumber?

If I make tomorrow a couch day I am going to make sure I hit the grocery store in the morning. I have a craving for French onion soup and have a crock pot recipe for it and want to give it a try.


The One In Which I Lose My Marbles And Discuss Jesus

First off, the meeting with my adviser went fine. Basically from here until summer I’m probably going to just do email communication with him. Works for me, means I don’t have to go into school!

Tonight I couldn’t find my checkbook ANYWHERE. I searched my coat first, nope! Searched all over, nothing. I knew I had it at the vets last. I began thinking I was going to have to go to the bank and have them give me a whole new account again. Yes, I’ve done this before. Fortunately I found my checkbook . . . in the inside pocket of my coat. Doh!

I got coments on here, as well as from friend, about what is up with the whole “Jesus burial story.” If you haven’t heard, James Cameron (Titanic) has produced a documentary in which some archaeologists claim they have found the burial site of Jesus. You can read just one of the stories here. I plan on watching the special, but honestly don’t know anything about this and like many, this is the first I’ve heard of it. My friend Shannan asked how the hell they would actually prove it was THE Jesus they found? Well honestly they can’t. There is no DNA to test! All they can make are reasonable assumptions based on age, artifacts and the tomb itself that someone named Jesus who lived at the right time was buried there. On the flip side, there is no way to disprove it isn’t THE Jesus. I mean when you think about it, how do you disprove it was Tutankhamen that was buried in his tomb? (Okay probably a bad example, you can test his DNA against his parents, whose tombs I believe have also been found). You get the picture though, it’s a you can’t prove or disprove something like that. It’s just like God, you can’t prove or disprove God really exists. (Note: the bible is not scientific proof in this case)

A really great movie that ironically mirrors all this is called “The Body” staring one Antonio Banderas. It’s a great movie that shows the struggle the church and many of the middle east countries would go through should Jesus’ body actually be found. It’s also one of the only Hollywood produced movies that centers around archeology that actually gets archeology as a science right. In other words, they are stepping through tombs, picking crap up and saying “Look at this!” They also use all the right dating techniques in the movie.


Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuniculi, Funicula

Right now I’m trying to finish editing what I need to turn into my adviser tomorrow. I have a feeling I’ll be getting up at the butt crack of dawn to finish it, print it out and then head out. I hate getting up early in the morning!

We got gypped in the snow department, not even an inch. My mom got 5 inches though! Denied! I have to accept unless a freak March storm comes along, we will get nothing.

Not much else to blog about today. I need to finish work in time for “Heroes.”


On The Radio . . . .Woah!

So the BF has been debating getting a surround sound system for a long time now. He finally bit the bullet when the one he’s been eying went on sale big time. We went out and got it, brought it home and he began installing. Today he couldn’t figure it out, gave up and made arrangements for Circuit City to come out and set all the components up. Tonight I finally read the manual and said “This isn’t that hard, I think I can do this.” Guess what, I did it! Can I just say I rock! Now he has to see if he can get his money back for the install package.

In other news we didn’t go out this weekend after all. We did try and eat out last night, but it seems everyone had that idea. We did carryout because we weren’t waiting 2 hours for a table. We stayed in tonight instead of going out to the “Oscar Gala.” We did get snow, not that much, but I think the storm is still going on. Who knows what it will look like by morning. I don’t think it is the blizzard I’ve been hoping for though.


Maybe Snow, Maybe No

It looks like we may be getting a snowstorm on Sunday. Right now they just don’t know, which probably means a blizzard since the weatherman is always wrong. I would like one huge snowstorm before spring gets here, but we just may not get one this year.

Of course if the storm does hit it would mean we would not be able to go to the Oscar night out. Shoot! Actually it is fun and I would like to go, I just feel I have too much to do. We’ll see, I have to be good about work tomorrow and Sunday . . . if I’m good then I guess I could go.

Not much else going on with me. We had considered going to see the Reno 911 movie, but it is getting terrible reviews. The show is funny, but as my friend put it “Would this make a good movie?” Yeah probably not.

I meant to comment on this before, but didn’t. Did anyone watch the “Oprah Winfrey Oscar Special?” WTF was that !?!?! Exactly how was that an Oprah special, not that I minded the almost total absence of her from it. But really, what the hell was that?



I don’t know how I feel about last nights episode. It was frustrating for sure. The BF called how it would end half way through, with her mom dying and basically telling her to go back.

I don’t feel like we got an explanation as to why all the ghosts were in the hospital. Denny was suggesting for some reason or another they were all trapped in limbo, though Kyle’s character said not him, he did what he was to do and finished his life mission. Denny I could see staying in limbo in the hospital in order to be near Izzy. What was with the girl who kept bleeding out? Again, seems like limbo and she’s replaying her death over and over. Anyone else have another take on what that was? The BF said maybe they were all in Meredith’s head, but then she wouldn’t have known her mom was dead now would she?

I love Christina shopping at the 1$ store and boozing it up. I also like her saying “Meredith is my person.” I’ll have to remember that and randomly say that one to my friends when we are out and about.


The One In Which I Discuss A Lot Of Things, Including Politics

I have a meeting with my adviser next week to discuss the dissertation. Not really looking forward to making the trek into school to be honest, but I gotta do it. The dissertation has to be done and fully drafted by the end of September. I got a long road ahead of me and only 7 months to get’r’done. Time to go lock myself in that cabin in the woods . . . .

Spring can’t get here soon enough, because I have some serious spring cleaning that needs done! My “storage/guest room” where I keep a lot of my stuff is once again a mess. Every time I get it cleaned up it only seems to last about a month before it becomes a disaster. Unfortunately I’ve let this disaster build for a few months.

Somehow I cut the bottom of my tongue, which has lead to basically a canker sore under there. Words cannot express how much fun this is! Seriously, big fun . . . with the wretched.

The Oscars are coming up this weekend. Are you going to watch? I had commented earlier it would be fun to do an Oscar party. Well the BF found a party going on in Philly that has everyone getting together to watch the show while local gay celebs Chumley and Carlotta comment (ie make fun). We did this a few years ago and it was a lot more fun than watching the Oscars at home. We are thinking of doing this come Sunday . . . though I feel I should REALLY be home working! We will see when the day comes and how much I did this weekend.

I’ve been asked if we’ve applied for our civil union application . . . Yeah no. Unless you have been living under a rock, New Jersey begin granting them to gays and lesbian this week. I recognize it is important, a big step and valuable to people who really have a need to protect themselves and their partners. I just can’t get over my beef that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, call it a duck. They claim it grants all (well 95%) of all right that marriage would, but they don’t call it marriage. They never gave a reason, one can only surmise religious reasons. I thought we didn’t make laws based on religion?

I believe they are set to review the whole thing in six months, basically to find out what problems have arisen from it. Even before the law went into affect there were stories of problems creeping up as people began making inquiries with insurance companies and the like. It will be interesting to see what happens during the review.

One ray of hope, the state has agreed that if gay couples are married elsewhere (even before the law took effect) then they will automatically be regarded as “civil union partners” in Jersey. I would prefer to go to Massachusetts and Canada and do it there, that way I could say I was married and actually knew in my heart it was true. Plus when the day comes when Jersey (and other states) finally grant the right, I wouldn’t feel the need to do it all over again. Yes to me the word is as important, if not more so, than the rights. I have no desire to say “I’m unionized.”

In more up beat news, only about an hour until the big “Grey’s Anatomy” finale to the three part February Sweeps show. I cannot wait, and they better not rain on my parade and kill of Meredith. I so can’t see them doing this, but my BF is not so sure. Oh and did you hear, they are giving Dr. Kate a spin off apparently. Not sure how I feel about that one yet.


We Are Clean Doggies!

Princess and Nikko went to the groomers today (long overdue) and came back clean and smelling oh so nice! Of course it is supposed to be rainy and disgusting tomorrow.


Vegas Photos!

I still haven’t got the cruise photos up yet (my bad!). Instead enjoy some photos from the Vegas meet-up 🙂 Here is a description of them row by row.

1: The Siren’s of TI show 2: Me, John, Zan and Kim (New York New York)
3:One MILLION dollars! 3: Everyone in bed (don’t ask)
4: Whores! (in Paris) 5: Paris Casino
6: Cirque de So Gay 7: Zan, Kim, Shannan, Nica, Me, John (New York New York)

Amusing Bumper Stickers

Driving to the Hair Cuttery today (a waste of time as I refused to wait there for an hour for a hair cut, which means I have to go back tomorrow) I saw a car with two great bumper stickers. I’m always amused by good bumper stickers and wonder where they get them. Anyways one was a black ribbon with a red outline and it said “Hey some asshole stole my charity ribbon magnet!” The other said “Stick it in! It’s the law!” . . . . it was for seatbelt safety 🙂

That is my update for today 🙂 I actually wasn’t going to do a post, but really felt I needed to share those bumper stickers. I was all set to go to bed, but decided I couldn’t sleep just yet. I got out of bed to play Nintendo for a bit, but sadly have gotten sucked into “Growing Pains” reruns. Damn you Nick at Night!