First off, the meeting with my adviser went fine. Basically from here until summer I’m probably going to just do email communication with him. Works for me, means I don’t have to go into school!

Tonight I couldn’t find my checkbook ANYWHERE. I searched my coat first, nope! Searched all over, nothing. I knew I had it at the vets last. I began thinking I was going to have to go to the bank and have them give me a whole new account again. Yes, I’ve done this before. Fortunately I found my checkbook . . . in the inside pocket of my coat. Doh!

I got coments on here, as well as from friend, about what is up with the whole “Jesus burial story.” If you haven’t heard, James Cameron (Titanic) has produced a documentary in which some archaeologists claim they have found the burial site of Jesus. You can read just one of the stories here. I plan on watching the special, but honestly don’t know anything about this and like many, this is the first I’ve heard of it. My friend Shannan asked how the hell they would actually prove it was THE Jesus they found? Well honestly they can’t. There is no DNA to test! All they can make are reasonable assumptions based on age, artifacts and the tomb itself that someone named Jesus who lived at the right time was buried there. On the flip side, there is no way to disprove it isn’t THE Jesus. I mean when you think about it, how do you disprove it was Tutankhamen that was buried in his tomb? (Okay probably a bad example, you can test his DNA against his parents, whose tombs I believe have also been found). You get the picture though, it’s a you can’t prove or disprove something like that. It’s just like God, you can’t prove or disprove God really exists. (Note: the bible is not scientific proof in this case)

A really great movie that ironically mirrors all this is called “The Body” staring one Antonio Banderas. It’s a great movie that shows the struggle the church and many of the middle east countries would go through should Jesus’ body actually be found. It’s also one of the only Hollywood produced movies that centers around archeology that actually gets archeology as a science right. In other words, they are stepping through tombs, picking crap up and saying “Look at this!” They also use all the right dating techniques in the movie.


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  1. I just heard about this today! I must admit I am a little intrigued. It is an interesting thought. I don’t know much about archeology, but I’ve always found it interesting. Thanks for pointing out some of the facts.

  2. There is ample news, theological discussions and the such over at my blog, now buried from yesterday. (The Evolution of Jeremy) you just gots to page down a bit. I’m glad your meeting went ok.

    It’s not been such a good day here.


  3. I’ve been following this. I agree, I don’t think it’s the sort of thing that can be proved or disproved.

    I’ve never heard of The Body. It sounds intriguing; I’ll have to check it out.

  4. the catholics are just scared that this may disprove their long held belief that jesus never married. the bible was written by several different people, hence the conflicts in stories. just because it didn’t say he was married, doesn’t mean he wasn’t and just because it doesn’t say he had children doesn’t mean he didn’t. i mean lets get real here, he was a man, who in those times would have married and had children. sure there is no way to prove or disprove it’s him, all they have is carbon dating, which even that they are not exactly sure when he lived, but it certainly wasn’t in the year 0, more like 50bc. i for one hope that carbon dating lays out a good possiblity that it is him and sticks it do the church. i am a bad catholic, i don’t agree with all their teachings, like that priests can’t marry, which now we don’t have enough priests and the ones we do have are pediphiles, that birth control is sinful, unmarried mothers are going to hell (but i figured if i already damned myself with that one, then i might as well enjoy the ride, lol), and that gays are sinful. oh well, i’ll be watching, that’s for sure

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