Vegas Photos!

I still haven’t got the cruise photos up yet (my bad!). Instead enjoy some photos from the Vegas meet-up 🙂 Here is a description of them row by row.

1: The Siren’s of TI show 2: Me, John, Zan and Kim (New York New York)
3:One MILLION dollars! 3: Everyone in bed (don’t ask)
4: Whores! (in Paris) 5: Paris Casino
6: Cirque de So Gay 7: Zan, Kim, Shannan, Nica, Me, John (New York New York)


4 Responses to “Vegas Photos!”

Aravis Says:

It looks like a great time! But wasn’t what happened there supposed to stay there?


DWQ Online Says:

Looks like loads of fun. You should have crabbed me a couple million while you were there. I’d like a closer look at it.


Steve Says:

Love the ‘bed’ pic!


Debby Says:

I’m so jealous! You guys look like you had a blast! My hubby and I are going in 2 weeks, though….so Yay!