So the BF has been debating getting a surround sound system for a long time now. He finally bit the bullet when the one he’s been eying went on sale big time. We went out and got it, brought it home and he began installing. Today he couldn’t figure it out, gave up and made arrangements for Circuit City to come out and set all the components up. Tonight I finally read the manual and said “This isn’t that hard, I think I can do this.” Guess what, I did it! Can I just say I rock! Now he has to see if he can get his money back for the install package.

In other news we didn’t go out this weekend after all. We did try and eat out last night, but it seems everyone had that idea. We did carryout because we weren’t waiting 2 hours for a table. We stayed in tonight instead of going out to the “Oscar Gala.” We did get snow, not that much, but I think the storm is still going on. Who knows what it will look like by morning. I don’t think it is the blizzard I’ve been hoping for though.


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  1. Congratulations on figuring that out on your own! As for the weather, we’ve got it here as well but, as you say, it hasn’t turned into a blizzard yet. I’m kind of glad about that, though. Randy has to drive in the morning.

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