Christmas 2010 Photos

Some quick Christmas decor photos. These are a mix of ones from Jersey and Virginia. If you hover over each one you’ll get a short description. Of note, the “vintage” candles aren’t vintage per say. They are Christopher Radko candles. Radko puts out old vintage ornaments using molds from the actual ones from years ago. My grandma actually had these candles for years, until someone decided to burn them one year (according to my mom). I remember seeing them out each year when I was little. She ordered them from the Vermont Country Store.


4 Responses to “Christmas 2010 Photos”

Desiree Gould Says:

WOW! Wow! And, more Wow’s! Beautiful Chritmas Tree and Beautiful Photos! Hugs, DG


Dustin Says:

Thanks 🙂


Aravis Says:

I remember my grandparents having those candles too. I suppose that, like yours, somebody must have actually used them at some point.

Great Christmas decorations!


Lin aka WV Nan Says:

Awesome–hope yours was a great Christmas. Just got back from Jersey a few hours ago!