A Haunting In New Jersey

Oh I almost forgot. Speaking of the haunted room from the last post, I think I saw the ghost today! So our house is a Craftsman Cottage, it’s turn of last century and has a weird layout. There is basically a little hallway that separates the dining room from the staircase/bathroom/downstairs guest rooms. If someone comes from the staircase and heads into the bathroom, you just basically see a blurred figure. Today I saw a blur, thinking it was the BF rushing to be sick, I went to check. Noooooooobody there!



2 Responses to “A Haunting In New Jersey”

Lori Says:

Maybe it is the stalker/blackmailer from Passions???? Watching right now, it is reminding me of the movie SAW,, with the mask, and Ethan on video. We had a ‘ghost’ in a house we used to live in,, we would take pictures, and there was always at least one on every roll of film with ‘something/someone’ in the background we couldn’t explain. Never had any bumps in the night or anything, I was happy they stayed around for photos without feeling the need to make themselves known in person.


Aravis Says:

That was revenge for not sleeping in the haunted room. If he can’t get you one way, he’ll get you another! *G*