Marshall, Will and Holly!

So I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend, or relaxed. Our weather here has been a little skitzo. I basically just worked most of the weekend on school, then went swimming in the children’s pool they filled up this weekend. The house never got cleaned though, so I think that is on today’s agenda. I can’t take the little balls of pet hair floating around anymore!

The SciFi channel had a marathon of “Land of the Lost” yesterday. I have the first season on DVD, but never got the 2nd or 3rd. We came into the thing somewhere in the 2nd season and I watched through the abomination that was the third season when the show went to hell thanks to the arrival of Uncle Jack. The marathon of course was for the new movie coming out, which I can’t decide on. I am not a huge fan of Will Ferrell’s humor, I like him in a few movies basically. His “Land of the Lost” will either be really good, or make the third season look like Emmy Award winning television 🙂

Twitter suddenly came back last night, yet it’s still broken. It’s not updated since it returned. I think I have to kick start it by putting a tweet out, I don’t know. Maybe Jesus is still speaking to me and telling me “No!” Otherwise I haven’t used facebook, except for a slip-up late one dark stormy night 🙂 *Confirmed* I’m being positively permanently punished. Twitter only shows my updates or replies to me, but nothing from anyone I follow. Time to give up the Twat!

I still haven’t eaten meat yet either, though the Big Mac is now haunting me. I kid you not, I was at the gym yesterday and “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” was on. I look up and the question is “Based on the famous jingle, what is not an ingredient in a Big Mac?”

Anyways, I have a few other things to share, but I’ll save it for another post. I still have to get my review of “EA Sports Active” up at sometime too.


3 Responses to “Marshall, Will and Holly!”

Becky Says:

Dammit Dustin!! I’m now humming the Big Mac song. I will get you back:)


Jenifer Benner Says:

I got notification from Twitter that you’re following me, then I went to click on ya to follow you but it wouldn’t. Seem like Twitter is pretty bitchy lately


Dustin Says:

I eneded up deleting my twitter account again, permanently. It was letting me follow some people, but would hand on others. It was also not letting me change my photo. I think since the Oprah and Ashton debacle Twitter can’t handle the traffic they’ve got and are having major problems.

I might open a new account someday and just use it mainly as a blog update feed, as I know people use Twitter for that now rather than RSS readers and stuff