This Little Ant Didn

Well I didn’t get out hiking, hopefully next week though! I overslept, but not that it would have mattered if I didn’t. With it being a busy holiday weekend for the farm, John took the car to run various farm related errands (picking up and delivering produce).

I’ve been having most horrible dreams as of late. A lot of me ending up in public naked. I know it’s a classic anxiety dream. I usually don’t have the naked dream though, usually the ones where my teeth fall out. I also keep having the dream where I have taken up smoking. I’ve never smoked a day in my life, so it must be from a past life. I wake up even remembering how the cigarettes tasted. They didn’t taste good either from what I recalled.

The ant problem in the kitchen seems to be better now. I don’t know if it was the ant traps that did it, or spraying the counter with Windex 🙂 Jamie told me to try that trick out, and it seems to have worked. Makes me feel like I’m in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” though. Here . . . . try some Windex!

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