Madonna’s “Sticky and Sweet” tour is going to be released on DVD, but not till the fall 🙁 She’s currently still touring in Europe this summer.

Anyway, some of the songs/performances from the DVD have already been leaked. Seems she’s providing them as downloads if you buy that new Blackberry Storm. When we saw her show here they were heavily promoting the thing. Well you knew someone would just YouTube them, which someone thankfully did!

Big thanks to Brand New Woo for pointing these out. I’ve been in a horrid mood today for several reasons, which I may go into in a few days. Let’s just say at least the house is clean (well the 1st floor!)

So here is “Vogue” and “Music” from the tour. These are as “classic” as you’ll get from the ones available so far. “Like A Prayer” and “Burning Up” aren’t out, and they were awesome!

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  1. sorry you were not having a good day this day! but glad Madonna was able to cheer you up some! I just posted her unreleased Miles Away video up, if you haven’t already seen it!

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