Crystal Light Mustache

So let’s see what I can blog about today? First up, I officially ran out of diet soda today, and am now going to attempt weaning myself from it. I’m back on Crystal Light, because as many of you know I think water tastes icky. I’m hoping this helps break the plateau I’ve found myself on with the weight. The vegetarianism didn’t seem to help take any weight off, but it hasn’t put any on thankfully. I do seem to be feeling a lot better though as I’m not eating as much crap anymore (ie McDonalds, Wendys, Burger King).

I actually enjoy Crystal Light, but it has some draw backs. First it’s not as thirst quenching as soda is (well for me), so I drink a lot more. It being pretty much flavored water, I’m peeing a lot more because of that. Like every thirty minutes! I know you wanted to know that too, which is why I shared. It also leaves a nice red mustache, and Crystal Light mustaches aren’t easy to get off. You need some serious sea breeze to get them off, water or spit alone won’t do it. Unfortunately I tend to forget I have one and then go out in public, only realizing after I get into the car after grocery shopping and see myself in the rear view mirror.

What else is going on? This Saturday I’m going out to meet real live people. Can you believe that? Well hopefully it will work-out. A bunch of local videogamers are getting together to meet each other in real life (ie not on-line). We are all of the homosexual persuasion too, and being this is a videogamer meetup, that also makes us kinda nerds. So it should be interesting. Right now it seems like only a few people have committed to coming, unless others just decide to show up and lurk about until they decide it’s safe 🙂 I’m hoping we get somewhat of a good turn-out though.

Depending on how late the shindig Saturday goes will depend on if I get up and do the hike on Sunday. I can honestly say I won’t feel guilty about not going on the hike Sunday if Saturday turns out to be a blast.


12 Responses to “Crystal Light Mustache”

Becky Says:

Every time I cut soda out of my life, I get the worst caffeine withdrawal headaches! I hope you don’t get those.

And, for the record, I would tell you that you have a Crystal Light mustache, but I’d be laughing at the same time 😉


Dustin Says:

I don’t drink caffeine soda’s unless I’m out and order a coke or something. Usually drink diet sprite or something like that


Becky Says:

It doesn’t even count as soda unless there’s caffeine in it!! Everybody knows that 🙂

You are planning to either join us in NYC or AC, right? I will be pissed if I come all that way and you bail on me!!! If you come to NYC, you can meet Aravis, too 🙂


Dustin Says:

I will see you in Philly and will go up to NY for the day


Becky Says:

Yay…now I’m happy!


jeremy Says:

Crystal light is a staple in my life now since I’ve become a diabetic. I have tried all of the different flavors that one can get here in Canada. I find that the raspberry and the real tea flavors are the best in taste and no after or bitterness to them. good luck.



Aravis Says:

I rarely drink soda anymore. I like Crystal Light, but I prefer 4-C ice tea mixes.

I suppose right now you’re at the meet-up with your gaming friends. I hope you had a great turnout and are having a blast!

Did I understand you correctly? Will I be meeting you in NYC on the 19th with Emily and Becky???


Dustin Says:

I am not there yet, not till around 5 or 6 🙂

I never liked ice tea, so I’m stuck with crystal light things 🙂

I will come up for the day to meet you all!


Emily Says:

So you decide, all of a sudden, that you do want to hang out with us? You’ve told me for weeks that you didn’t want to go to New York or Atlantic City, so I didn’t include you in any of the reservations.


Emily Says:

Just sayin’. I will change that. But geez.


Coco Says:

I prefer flavored sparkling/setlzer water, no calories, no fake sugar, bubbles and tasty!


Jennifer Says:

I have to use a straw when drinking Crystal Light for that purpose.