This Is The Crap To Give One Nightmares

I’ve seen the following picture on a few blogs the last few days, so I’m keeping it going. I have NO idea what the hell is going on with this . . . um . . . woman? But it scares me. This is the crap that you’ll dream about tonight, not in a good way.

The odd thing is, the photo fascinates me! I actually want to know more about her. Though I’m afraid to find out at the same time.



5 Responses to “This Is The Crap To Give One Nightmares”

glittermom Says: it may be Brian Peppers mother..


BlogspotBecky Says:

haha 😀


Dustin Says:

Okay glittermom, I’m way disturbed now!


Aravis Says:

It looks photoshopped. But creepy all the same.


Becky Says:

Ok..that’s a bit on the freaky side. And I know better than to click on links. And yet I did it anyway. Bad glittermom 🙂 If I have nightmares, you will be hearing about it!