Fishy Fishy!

So I figured I best check in before another week goes by without a post. As Summer approaches I should have more to blog about, both more free time and more going on. For example I finally plan on getting this house into long overdue shape by cleaning out the basement and redoing the guestrooms downstairs finally.

I have to get back to watching what I eat and make time to get to the gym. I hit 160 today. Not as bad as the 180 I was, but I was 150 back in December when I basically stopped running due to a nasty rash, which turned out to be eczema.

I do admit, I have been hitting McDonalds FAR more than I should lately, and that has to stop. In trying to eat healthier I’ve actually done something shocking, I’ve started eating fish! Okay actually one kind of fish, tilapia, which I can take because it’s so mild in flavor. However I need some good recipes for it, so please share if you have any you love. So far my favorite way too cook it seems to be blackening it with a yummy Cajun-creole rub I got off the net. Spicy goodness!

Finally a bit of cute news. I submitted some photos of the pets to Cute With Chris, a website about pets with a weekly video blog show. He posted a photo I took of Nikko and Lance! You can see it here on Cute With Chris!

Post Note: Emily and mine’s night of fun this past weekend got canceled, neither of us were feeling 100%. We are aiming to do it this coming weekend! So the cams should be on 🙂


8 Responses to “Fishy Fishy!”

WV Nan Says:

Cute picture of the fur babies! Thanks for sharing! Any word on your defense date?


Dustin Says:

No, will probably know a date end of april or in May sometime, I hope!


Cb Says:

you can always get the fillet o’ fish at mcdonalds. “gimme back that fillet o’ fish, gimme that fish!”


Becky Says:

here is a reciple for talapia that is pretty good…


mlp Says:

Careful with the tilapia Dustin, I read something a couple months ago about it actually being very bad for you. Something about containing bad fatty acids instead of the good ones like in salmon. I remember it because that was pretty much the only fish I would eat too.


Dustin Says:

I looked it up, it was one study last year about tilapia, there seems to be debate on it too. Some people argue the “bad fatty acids” for a healthy person are actually good and needed, can help with things like infertility, skin issues, etc.

As with every food, it’s probably just something you don’t want to over eat 🙂


boo Says:

Awww the animals are so cute sleeping together.


Aravis Says:

I’ve got to do the same. I’m still a reasonable weight, but have gained 10 lbs. over the past year and am unhappy. I was running again recently, but that fell to the wayside as I worked on school things, then became sick. Now I’ve got a nasty blister from wearing heels the other night, so running is still out.

Excuses excuses. I could do something else in the meantime, I’m just too lazy. :0(