Baby Bunnies!

Here is a quick video of the baby bunnies at the farm and their big mama.

PS I just uploaded it, so if it says not available, try again a bit later. Sorry!


7 Responses to “Baby Bunnies!”

WV Nan Says:

Loved the bunny videos—surprised that the mother took the baby back after you held it. I thought they were just wild bunies. The long ears are a specific breed—do you know the name?

Thanks for the videos—loved them! Now I want a bunny!!!


BlogspotBecky Says:

cute bunnies!


boo Says:

They are sooooooo cute! Dustin, you should start up a petting zoo. I showed my great nephew, who will be 3 in June, the bunnies. He yelled, I want one, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!


Dustin Says:

They are domestic. I don’t know what the breed though.


Martha Says:

They’re so cute! I liked the music you used too.


Aravis Says:

I had a bunny just like the one on the far left in this still. His name was Bandit, and he was the best!


Allison Says:

Soooooo sooo cute!!

Based on the mother’s size and her ears, I say she is a Mini Lop. One of the many side effects for working in the pet industry for too long, lol!