A Bunny For Easter!

So if you haven’t noticed by the “bunny cam” that’s been running the past few days on the blog, yeah we adopted one of the baby bunnies from the farm. We think it’s a girl, we aren’t sure. It’s hard to tell until they are old enough to see balls or not basically 🙂

The first day or two the cats and dogs were very interested in it. Now nobody really cares except for Grim, who likes watching it and often sleeps by the cage. Princess and Nikko only take interest when someone else takes an interest in the bunny instead of them. Princess treats it like one of the other cats, she just licks it all over and sniffs its bunny-butt.

John, Princess, The Bunny

I bought two small room hepafilters for the house. One I put by John’s PC area, as it’s a haven for cat hair. They all sleep there and sit in the window. I’m hoping it helps with the dust over there. The other, for now, I stuck by the rabbit cage. I thought if there is a smell, which there isn’t so far, it will help. It will also help with any dust from the hay. There hasn’t been much of that either.

So far the only down side is the cheap-o cage I bought. Not knowing how this would work out, I was not about to invest in a large fancy cage with perks. I got a simple starter cage. I got the kind where the poopies fall through to a tray below, because it’s supposed to be more sanitary than the ones where they sit in the litter/bedding. Unfortunately there is one perk to those kinds, they have a well/sides to the cage to hold the litter in. This one has no side guards whatsoever, so the rabbit has a habit of knocking food or hay out the sides. I’ve minimized that for the most part. However the bigger problem is that it pees out the side of the cage! I’ve limited it to one area where I have some paper towels down to at least catch it. I bought the thing a litter pan, you are supposed to be able train them to use them. So far it doesn’t get it. It’s probably to young to understand.

I’ve already found a better and bigger cage I’ll probably get for it. It not only has the grate for cleanliness, but side guards as well. The cage I have now I can turn into an outdoor pen for it. You’re supposed to give them fresh air often. If I remove the bottom tray it can sit over grass, which will come through into the cage via the bottom grate. That way it can have fresh munchies. Plus with the floor grate, it can’t dig it’s way out of the cage and run off.

The bunny really is sweet. The first two days it was a timid little thing, constantly hiding in the house I got for it. Now however it’s not afraid anymore and will come over to check you out when you approach the cage. It lets you pet it too. The mother is exceptionally sweet and nice, so maybe it has friendly genes. Actually I’d love for it to turn out like the mommy. To be honest I would like to kidnap her 🙂 She’s nicer than most of the cats!

As for a name, it doesn’t really have one yet. I considered Pieces, which was a play on P.C. for Peter Cottontail. For now I am just calling it Little Bunny Foo Foo. Yes, I realize half of America probably names their rabbit that. Did half of America also play Little Bunny Foo Foo in their school play? Probably not, but I did 🙂 Therefore I own the name!


4 Responses to “A Bunny For Easter!”

brand new woo Says:


How about a name from the book Watership Down, like Fiver?!


KipEsquire Says:

I vote for “Cadbury”…


boo Says:

He’s so cute! The bunny is ok too, haha.


Becky Says:

Taylor’s rabbit is names Jelly Bean. He is a sadistic, mean, ornery SOB. He snorts and growls and bites. He’s been like that ever since we brought him home….8 years ago. We also had to have him neutered because he sprayed everywhere once he was about 6 months old. I hope you have much better luck than we did!!