Happy Easter!


7 Years Of Age


Today At 33 (Not the best photo, but oh well)


11 Responses to “Happy Easter!”

Christine Says:

Happy Easter Dustin! Hope your dinner turns out great and, from one teacher to another, that you get all your grading done!


boo Says:

Happy Easter. The bunny is so cute. Dustin is there a way for me to make the picture bigger?


boo Says:

PS, meant to also say, I love the two pictures of you with the Easter Bunny.


Dustin Says:

Right now the blog picture can’t be enlarged. Going to rectify that soon with a link to a larger version soon 🙂


brand new woo Says:

i love your jacket when u were 7!!!


glittermom Says:

Sorry but these pictures give me nightmares of “Donnie Darko”….Ha Ha..


Becky Says:

Too cute 🙂 I now want a Cadbury Creme Egg….must go raid the kid’s baskets!!


Lori Says:

I must say your ‘whiskers’ look much better looked after than that bunnies!


BlogspotBecky Says:

cute pics happy belated Easter


Tricia Says:

The bunny you got your picture taken with this Easter is actually cute, and SO MUCH less creepy then the really creepy bunny when you were 7.


Frizz Says:

Great photo! It’s great to see the Easter Bunny evolve into the sexy bunny he/she has become.