HotLanta Here I Come

So let’s see, what’s been going on in my world? STRESS! That should ease up soon. My job ends at the end of this month. Well next month around the 2nd week really, but my teaching ends at the end of this month. That should be a lot of stress gone, freeing up my time to work on getting my dissertation in by the end of May.

I have had a post in the works for a week or more now discussing what I’m going to do this summer and when all is said and done. The short answer, NUTHIN! I’m taking advantage of this shit economy and taking some well deserved time off to do what I wanna do 🙂 Seriously, I’ve worked 7 days a week (in some shape or form) for a long time now, it’s break time. That post, and more details, are forthcoming.

This coming week is the Atlanta conference. I’m presenting a paper with my adviser, a paper that still isn’t written! After this post goes up, I’ll go check my email and hope there is a draft in it to work with. He’s been really busy, so have I, but we gotta get this done this weekend!

I actually was not looking forward to Atlanta at all. I had been there once 10+ years ago for a different conference (E3 videogame conference when I still ran videogame pages). I remember it not being much fun. However I was boring then, didn’t drink and wasn’t out. So of course it wasn’t fun, I wasn’t fun 🙂

However this time I do have something to look forward to, partying and friends! I have facebook friends there to hang out with! We are going out Saturday night and going to have a blast. Saturday during the day I’m going on a field trip as part of the conference. We’re going to a Mississippian mound site. HOT! I’ve never been, so I’m really excited about that.

The conference . . . ehh! The session I’m in looks great, and I think there may have been one more I was interested in seeing. I’ll know more when I arrive and get the abstracts book. Most of these conferences unfortunately do not have topics I am generally interested in. I am becoming more and more aware I am drifting to the cultural side of anthropology and away from archaeology. I still enjoy archaeology, but mostly the topics limited to death and religion studies.

Anyway, expect lots of Atlanta Tweets from me, and hopefully some awesome photos.


3 Responses to “HotLanta Here I Come”

Jamie Says:

I cannot wait til you get to Hotlanta Dustin. We are gonna tear it up!!!


jeremy Says:

So how was your class? Did it turn out the way you imagined? How have your students come along in your course? and how was their writing abilities? have you done course evaluations yet? I would be interested in hearing about that.



Dustin Says:

Yes and no, I wanted to use more video clips, but I just didn’t nhave the time to sit down and edit. I forgot how long it takes to write a lecture that last an hour and 15 minutes 🙂

I think they learned a lot, and this was more work than I thought. I didn’t realize till it was too late this was an upper level course, I’d never taught one.

They evaluated me, I won’t hear till May about the results. A department teacher came in and loved what she saw though.