Heading To Atlanta Tomorrow!

Okay so everything is packed, printed and set! I head to Atlanta tomorrow for this conference.

Let’s see, what to tell you at this point? The paper is done, and I’m presenting it. Not to happy about that, but it’s only 7 pages. I will live . . . unless we are in a giant ballroom and there are 200+ people . . . then I’ll need a drink!

Of course the papers that I’d be interested in seeing are during my flight to Atlanta or when our session is. Grrrr! Oh well.

Tomorrow I’ll probably take in Atlanta, wander around and get my bearings. I don’t think any fellow students present or past are planning to show at this one, so I might be on my own for the most of this thing. I’ve brought reading and DVD’s thankfully . . . and my Nintendo DS 🙂

I will probably be a bundle of nerves Friday. I present at 3:45, so I plan to sleep in as late as I want and be well rested! Friday night I can breath easy. I have yet to find out if there is some obligatory dinner with the panel or not.

Saturday I have my field trip to the Mississippian mound site. Excited! I’ll relax a little more, probably nap, cause Saturday night I’m kicking it around town with Jamie, some of her friends and whoever we drag along with us 🙂

I’ll be twitting a lot, I’ll be taking photos and iPhone/Twitter photos, I’ll blog when possible!


5 Responses to “Heading To Atlanta Tomorrow!”

Becky Says:

Have fun! You will do great with your presentation 🙂


Jamie Says:

If I can get a sitter!!!


brand new woo Says:

have fun in Hotlanta!


Dustin Says:

I thougt you had one? Ahhhh. Were is the baby sitters club when they are needed. 😉


WV Nan Says:

Have a wonderful time–you deserve it!! Can’t wait for pics and updates! Safe trip!