I am not in Atlanta. No I am at Laguardia airport. In case you haven’t followed my profanity laced tweets all day, let me summerize.

I boarded my Delta flight which should have taken off at 10:25. Unfortunately something was wrong with the hydrolics. So after an hour, we were told they needed a part to fix it and we had to get off.

I was at the back on the plane, which meant I was at the back of the customer service line. It didn’t matter, all flight were sold out till tomorrow.

I was put on stanfldbye for a flight while they waited for re part to fix ours. 2 some hours later, they cancel the flight.

I should have listened to the voice that said “get as much money back as you can and don’t go. Call your advisor and let him know the deal.”

But I didn’t. The guy at the desk said I could do standby and would get out at some point, or I could take a flight to laguardia and then to Atlanta and get in around 7:30pm. I chose that option.

Stupid me! First I had to ride a small ass prop plane to laguardia. Then upon landing . . . My new flight to Atlanta was canceled!

Again I should have asked about a refund, but I didn’t. Now I am on a 9pm flight and will get to my hotel probably around midnight.

As of yet I have not heard one delta employee or top dog, and there was one present, offer to do anything for me to make up for this.

That was a mistake! I will be writing Delta. I will be pointing out how I missed a whole day at a professional conference. How I could have made job connections in this shot economy but didn’t.

I will get a free flight out of this shit and it better be first class!

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  1. I second Becky–but –start bitching now—you should get an upgrade and a limo at least to the conference—continue to mention loudly and forcefully that you are a presenter at the conference and representing Temple Univesity. Throw some well known names around. Let them know that with your studies–travel to conferences are part of the deal and you WILL STRONGLY let other colleagues know about the lack of care given to you by this corporation–shoot of some emails and snail mail followed by phone calls to corporate–the worst that can happen is they say you are too plastered to fly.

    Seriously, Jen was trained to throw around corporate words and just how much travel is done on her behalf. She probably flies 45 people at a time to various places across the country at least 6-10 times a year–not including her solo trips. She gets curb to curb service immediately at her airports.

    I checked to see if Southwest goes anywhere near there—sorry out of luck. Heck, you could have done train and been there. Keep us posted!

  2. Glad you’ve landed. Get some decent food and sleep. Wishing you luck on your presentation. Keep us posted. Hope your friend finds a babysitter so you can enjoy at least one evening!

  3. I know, I keep telling you to get rest and I keep commenting–but is there a time difference that might give you a little better chance to relax and sleep in the morning? What time do you present? Call me the concerned cyber mom!

    Don’t forget about going after the airlines when you have time to breathe. They need to make this right.

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