Finally Arrived!

Just letting everyone know I did get here. Oh but there was STILL more drama! We were delayed again on the runway because of terrible storms in Atlanta, including the control tower at the airport being struck by lightening.

I intend to sleep in late, and write a nasty letter to Delta to get something free out of this.

On the upside, I got a free room upgrade at the hotel . . . to a SUITE!


I plan to sleep in, and hopefully meet some fun party people by tomorrow night!


4 Responses to “Finally Arrived!”

boo Says:

Nice room! Hope the rest of your trip is problem-free.


BlogspotBecky Says:

very nice!!!!


Tami Says:

Glad you arrived … I woke up thinking about ya, and hoping your ordeal was over!!!!


Jamie Says:

can we be like rockstars & trash the suite? LOL