Atlanta Update *Photos Added!*

Quick update!

Presented yesterday, went okay. I hate reading from scripts, I always mess-up. I always hated reading out loud way back in elemetary school as well.

Last night hung out with friends. I did find people I knew afterall. Very odd mix of conferences going on here, had fun people watching.

Went to the Etowah mounds this morning. Very cool, the highlight so far. I never saw Cahokia or Moundeville, so I really enjoyed it. One day I’ll see the other two. It obviously doesn’t compare to all the Mayan sites I’ve seen, but neat to finally see one on US soil. Also we got a private tour from the archaeologist there, so learned awesome stuff.

Etowah Mound

Etowah Mound

Decided I probably should use the afternoon to see Atlanta. It’s been 14 some years since I came for the E3 when I still ran a videogame webpage. I quickly remembered why I never wanted to come back lol! Atlanta is an oddly laid out city compared to Philly or New York, where everything is on a neat grid 🙂

Went to the Olympic park, which I had seen before. Something is going on this weekend, have to find out what. Looks like a March of Dimes thing. Maybe a big party tonight? They were setting up today.

Olympic Park

Olympic Park

Stumbled on the Aquarium and the Coke museum, so I did the coke tour. Someone was on some serious drugs when they made that museum! At the end got to taste all these funky coke products from around the world. Wasn’t a fan of a lot of them, and holy hell who would drink that “Beverly” drink. It tastes like vomit aftertaste!

Coke Monster

This is some lip monster in the Coke Museum. I think it looks dirty 🙂

Okay that’s it for now. Pardon spelling, no spell check and well . . . I can’t spell to save my life 🙂


2 Responses to “Atlanta Update *Photos Added!*”

Jamie Says:

LOL I’ve lived here for 24 years. You’ve done more than I have done in just one afternoon!!


Ericka Says:

That lip monster is just nasty.