In Memory Of Lance :(

Last night I ended up sick as a dog, a combination of a lot of things, just got run down at the conference I guess.

I returned home today from the trip to hell to get a fitting end to what will go down as the worst trip ever probably. Our cat Lance had to be put down this morning.

I didn’t even get to say goodbye. Just fuckity fuck fucking great!


16 Responses to “In Memory Of Lance :(”

Tami Says:

I am truly so very sorry hon! I know how much you love your animals, just as I love mine, and losing one is truly heartbreaking!!! Especially when you can’t say goodbye – soooooo hard!

Much love,


Becky Says:

Oh Dustin, I am so sorry. I know your animals are your babies. Sending you good thoughts and hugs.


Lori Says:

I’m so sorry Dustin. That sucks. They become our family. Your in my thoughts!


Richard Says:

So very sorry about Lance. Nothing worse than losing a pet. They bring such happiness and each one is so unique.


Emerald Says:

I’m so sorry! It sucks to lose a family member.


Jenifer Says:

I’m SO sorry to hear this!!


WV Nan Says:

Dustin, my heart hurts for you. You love the furry family of yours. So hard not to be able to say goodbye.

Was this a sudden shock—don’t remember you mentioning anything earlier.

You have had the week from he-ll. I’m hoping this next week will be better for you.

Big cyber hugs coming your way.


Aravis Says:

I’m sorry. Just so sorry.


Ericka Says:

I am so sorry to hear about your cat. Our pets bring us so much happiness, don’t they. Hugs and prayers to you.


dolphin Says:

Sorry to hear that. RIP Lance.


brandnewwoo Says:

Oh no, i’m sorry to hear that! 🙁


boo Says:

I’m so sorry Dustin. Sending big hugs your way.


BlogspotBecky Says:

sorry to hear Dustin. My sister had to put her cat down a few weeks ago. hugs and glows your way


Janelle Says:

Oh Dustin, I’m so sorry. Sending lots of bloggy hugs your way.


Lori Says:

Bloggy hugs from me too! Sorry for your loss.


Katt Says:

Hugs, Hon. Been there, done that…sucks every single time.