Getting By

So I figured I should do a follow-up post on how everyone is getting by. First up, Lance’s death wasn’t unexpected. He was getting worse since he was diagnosed with an enlarged heart back in February or so. I blogged about that incident back then, how we rushed him to the emergency room one night when he was having breathing issues.

He had been put on medicine and given an ecocardiogram. The news then wasn’t good, the doctor was shocked he had basically lasted as long as he had without treatment. They put him on more pills and we were to bring him in around now for a follow-up to see if they helped at all. However over the past week or so his symptoms were clearly getting worse and he was having breathing issues again, in spite of the meds. I knew it wouldn’t be long really. John woke up Sunday to find him basically unable to breath and spitting up blood 🙁

The other animals seem to have adjusted as far as I can tell (we have so many!). There are big age differences and personalities between them too. Lancelot and Galahad are/were the old men of the house. They were here before I was here! They had a third, Uther, who past several years ago. Lance and Galahad were basically brothers, so I think if this hits anyone it will hit Galahad the worst. He was howling last night as if he was calling out wondering where the hell Lance was. Of the five cats, Lance was the one Galahad probably hung out with the most.

dscf0008 img_5600

Lance (grey) and Galahad (grey striped)

The middle cat is big ole Moo Kitty. Moo Kitty hangs by himself, because he only likes human attention. He doesn’t like the other cats that much and he definitely doesn’t like the dogs. He’s kinda of a shit actually and just enjoys attacking (or trying to attack) the others. He thinks he’s king of the castle, but he’s more of a tyrant.


Moo Kitty, taking over Princess’ crate

Percy and Grim are the youngest and are about a year 1/2 apart. They usually hang out with each other, playing with and chasing each other all around. Percy will sleep/cuddle with Grim, but that’s about it. Grim however will/would sleep/cuddle with Galahad and Lance on occasion.

img_4426 img_4863

Percy (orange) and Grim, Grim and Lance

Of course then there are the dogs, who have each other. The cats tolerate the dogs, but that’s about it. Grim usually just runs from them, while Percy likes to lay on his back to get them to play pounce him. I rarely see the cats sleeping with the dogs, except for Lance. Lance would always sleep with them 🙁


Princess licking Lance’s ears, her favorite thing to do to him


6 Responses to “Getting By”

Becky Says:

I am loving Moo Kitty! Again, I am so sorry about Lance. Its always hard to lose a pet, whether its expected or not. My Irish Setter has recently discovered the cat, and he loves him. The cat…not so much 🙂


Cb Says:

Oh, poor lance. This post really made me sad. Bit at least his suffering is over.


brandnewwoo Says:

Poor Galahad!!!! he lost his buddy 🙁 I hope he’s getting extra treats or something to help him through this tough time. Looks like u got a full house there!! I love alllll the kitties!!!!!! Sooooo damn cute!!!

Have u seen Maru??? U MUST check out Maru!!!


WV Nan Says:

Thanks for the new post–love the animals. Really enjoyed the “Maru” video. I wish my landlord would allow more—I had to half sell my soul to keep my one kitty. Fur babies are the best.

Dustin, you have a heart of gold.

How’s the bunny adjusting to all of the other critters>


Martha Says:

So sorry about Lance. 🙁 Losing a furbaby is always tough. You’re in my thoughts.


Cheryl Says:

I’m really sorry to hear about Lance, expected or not, it is still painful. I hope the other cats are able to move on well 🙁