Monster Mania 2009!

Oh what a night! First night of Monster Mania is over. A full day tomorrow, well as much as I can squeeze in. Tonight I went for the ones I wanted to meet, tomorrow I’ll pick up some extras. There are a few more I’d like a photo with perhaps. Oh Alice Coopers line was nuts, and he quit a bit early. We hope to get him tomorrow . . . but he is on the same floor as my friend at the hotel. We watched him get off the elevator!

Dustin and Amy Steel

Here I am with Amy Steel. She played Ginny in Friday Part 2. Unforgettable for the ending . . . “Jason, Mother is speaking to you!”

Dustin and Fairuz

The amazing Fairuza Balk! Nancy from “The Craft.” She was so nice. She overheard me in line saying “Return to Oz” was disturbing though lol. I’m sorry, it was. I saved by saying as a kid it creeped me out. Hell as an adult it creeps me out!

Dustin and Betsy Palmer!

And of course, the moment of the night. Probably even better than meeting Freddy Krueger himself . . . Betsy Palmer aka Pamela Vorhees! Oh . . . My . . . .GOD! She had us laughing so hard I got a headache. I kid you not.

My friend Michelle was talking to her for awhile, she was so nice. Then when she went to sign an autograph she says “Wait I should stop talking while I do this or I’ll fuck it up.”

Then when I get there she molests my face saying “I love a man with facial hair.” She later asked “So can I say anything to turn you on?” We asked her to do “Kill her mommy kill her.” DAMN I wish I thought to record her. Oh My God! It was the best. She went off doing the whole routine and we were in stitches. Seriously, my head HURT from laughing so hard.


3 Responses to “Monster Mania 2009!”

WV Nan Says:

I’ve enjoyed all of your comments throughout the night—these pics are great, too! It shows just how much fun you are having. Sure hope tomorrow is just as good if not better!!! Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts, comments, and pics.


BlogspotBecky Says:

Very cool, loved all the pics with you and the celebs. Glad you are having fun there. 🙂


Aravis Says:

That’s awesome! Betsy sounds like a blast. What a great night!