I Always Feel Like, Somebody

I outlined a rather LENGTHY post on whats going on in my life right now, and what the future looks like. I just haven’t had time to flush it out yet!

This weekend is “Monster Mania” here in Cherry Hill, it’s the big horror movie convention! I’m so excited, some people I met at the last one are coming down so we get to hang out again.

Of course I also have to be mindful of my time, I have a lot to do this weekend 🙂 Work all day, play at night! I should have some fun pictures and maybe some stories after this weekend.


2 Responses to “I Always Feel Like, Somebody’s Watching Me!”

BlogspotBecky Says:

have fun at the Monster Mania! 🙂


Aravis Says:

That sounds perfect for you. Hurry up and heal from your day at the gym so you can have a great, pain-free time!