The NEW Wonder Woman Animated Movie

It’s no secret that I LOVE my Wonder Woman! Well a new animated movie came out this week on DVD. So of COURSE I had to have it! Not only did I get it, but I got a super sweet (ie kinda crappy) exclusive action figure with it. Hey, it will be a collector’s item one day (in 20 years).

So what did I think after watching it tonight? Fricken Awesome that’s what! Of course it would be, it’s Wonder Woman! The only Wonder Woman movie/show that ever sucked was that 70s Kathy Lee Crosby version made for TV. Totally horrid! I do fear if they ever make a real live action Wonder Woman movie it will end up like the Cat Woman movie staring Halie Berry. *Shutters!*

This movie basically tells of Wonder Woman’s origins, meeting Steve Trevor and coming to the US. It’s been totally updated though, no WWII and Nazi stuff. It also brings in Ares as her main foe in this one, but Cheetah makes an appearance in there too 😉 I’ve already been “informed” a sequal is in the works.

The animation is great, but even better, the voice acting! Kerri Russell plays Wonder Woman, while Nathan Fillion rocks as Steve Trevor. His one-liners are fantastic in this film. Alfred Molina plays Ares, while Rosario Dawson is Artemis. Virginia Madsen rounds out the all star cast as Queen Hipolyta.

Everything from the story, to the animation, to the acting was a treat. This isn’t Wonder Woman for the kids or grandma either. There is blood, there is ass kicking and there is some sexual references in there!

Rent it! Buy it if your a Wonder Woman nut though.


4 Responses to “The NEW Wonder Woman Animated Movie”

Derek Says:

With this DVD movie, it’s too bad DC Comics turns its back to a younger audience than teenagers. Sad they don’t think Wonder Woman can compete with Hannah Montana and the Jonas Bros.


mlp Says:

Coming from Wonder Woman connoisseur like you, that is some pretty high praise Dustin! Good to know it turned out well, thanks for the heads up!
Side note: I do *heart* Nathan Fillion. He is always very formidable, but so funny too. Did you watch Slither?


Cb Says:

I heard it’s definitely PG rated. Closeups of her jubblies when she gets in costume and stuff.


BlogspotBecky Says:

has always loved Wonder Woman too (especially the original series), the new dvd sounds 😀 I’ll have to rent it through netflix sometime.