Snuggie As A Naptime Blanket? FAIL!

So I love my Snuggie, and I’ve been using it a lot actually. I have to admit, I’ve been wearing it backwards too sometimes, you know, as if it was a robe, which it isn’t, it’s a Snuggie.

However there is an issue with it. As long as you have your back to the chair or the sofa, it’s great! If you wanna take a nap? Better not sleep on your side like I do! You’ll suffer from hospital gown backdraft in the Snuggie.

Are You Looking At My Bum?

Emily took this photo of me wearing my Snuggie last weekend while we “Singstarred.” I had on jammies underneath. Aren’t my boxers sexy 🙂 I was hunched over my laptop in this photo BTW, I guess I was setting up the cam or something.


8 Responses to “Snuggie As A Naptime Blanket? FAIL!”

Becky Says:

Haha…nice undies 😉


Richard Says:

Seriously, never let a woman take a picture of your ass. They just don’t understand them.


Aravis Says:

*chuckling at Richard*

Nice boxers! *G*


Cb Says:

I hat to be the bearer of bad tidings… But I think snuggies are sort of a “fail” on every level, aren’t they?


BlogspotBecky Says:



Lovechild Says:

do yourself a favor… you tube the following
“WTF Blanket”

So funny about the snuggie!!


dolphin Says:

The answer to your problem is The Slanket! Like a Snuggie except bigger and thicker (and who doesn’t like it bigger and thicker, just sayin’).

Not as good if you wear your Snuggie around the house (if you try to walk in a Slanket, you’ll have to hold the bottom of it up as it’s too long otherwise), but for laying around (and napping), you can’t beat it. It will cover your feet (unless you’re 8 ft tall or so) and wrap completely around you. I have a 30″ waist and it will wrap around the back of me and reach where it started in the front. It’s size is only a plus to me as I don’t wear it unless I’m kicked back on the couch or in bed.

To recap, Snuggie = sleeved “throw” ; Slanket = sleeved BLANKET


Sister Mary Thesis Says:

Too bad you don’t live on the West Coast… you could join the Cult of the Snuggie!