The Weekend

So yeah the weekend is here! I wish I could be more excited, but the weekend, like the week, is still work time for me. It looks to be a nice weekend so I’m going to try and at least get out of the house. It’s the big “Equality Forum” over in Philly, and Sunday is the big “Sunday Out.” I’ve gone to it the past few years, I think I’m over it. Besides unlike past years when they had Cyndi Lauper or Taylor Dayne performing a concert, they don’t have squat this year!

“Spiderman 3” came out, and that could be an option to get out this weekend. I know it will be mobbed though. It’s one of those movies I want to see, but I’ll probably only watch once. The others were like that for me. I’m hearing from those who saw it that it was awesome to it was okay but the end sucked. Don’t the ends of all of them suck though?

I still have these gift certificates I’m aching to spend, but there is nothing to spend them on! Otherwise I’d take a shopping detour this weekend 🙂

The house has become a mess in places and I cannot take it anymore. Namely my work area and the guest room where all my crapola is. It’s cleaning time this weekend. Of course what this means is putting everything in drawers so the room looks clean. What I should do is take the time to ORGANIZE all the crapola in the drawers and in my closet, but I don’t see myself feeling up to that. I haven’t felt up to doing that for almost 2 years, which is why everything gets put into the drawers 🙂 It’s at least organized by drawer though (CDs, Clothes, Computer Crap).

Of course I also have to buckle down and do the school work this weekend, trying out some of these new statistics the guy helped me learn. Well I don’t know if I’ll get to them this weekend honestly, what I need to tackle isn’t feasible for what we went over.

I know, my life is so exciting right now 🙂



2 Responses to “The Weekend”

Aravis Says:

It may not be wildly exciting, but it *is* full!


hot lunch Says:

i’m waiting for the mobs to die down before i go see Spidey