Long Day

So it’s been a long day. Traffic to school and from school was terrible! I got home late and have just started the soaps (which are playing right now). I’m doubting there will be any dinner out tonight unfortunately.

The meeting at school went well. The guy showed me some quick and easy simple statistics using SPSS I can use to supplement what I’ve been doing. It’s JUST what I needed. Of course after leaving I thought of a few more questions. He told me to feel free to email, which I plan to do. I think I know the answers, but I just need some confirmation. If anyone out there is an SPSS/stats wiz, let me know 🙂 I may tap you 😛 I have a friend who can do what this guy showed me, but she’s moving soon 🙁 Waaaaa!

I got home to find I had a voice-mail. When we saw Kathy Griffin we filled out some form to win 50,000 dollars or a new car. Well they left me a message saying the drawing hadn’t taken place, but I had been selected for a 3 day vacation in either Orlando or Vegas! Woot! The BF didn’t get a message like this and he too filled out a form. I thought maybe I had actually won a free trip. Then I realized, they probably want to sell me time shares. Grrrrr



2 Responses to “Long Day”

Flynn Says:

Feel free to send stats questions my way. I haven’t used spss too much, but I’ve done a *lot* of work with SAS, Splus, and R.


sortedlives Says:

If you are coming to Orlando, they WILL try to sell you a timeshare. It’s the way of life here!