I have been trying to get a blog post out for days, it just wasn’t coming. Last night around 11pm I was just zapped and I don’t know why. I figured I’d blog this morning. Unfortunately all day long I’ve been zapped too! I just want to lay down and take a nap. Maybe it’s the weather, who knows. Just the other day I had wondered what happened to spring. Well spring is gone and summer is here!

I had tentative plans with friends tonight and Saturday. I figured tonight’s plans would get canceled, sure enough the were. Fine by me really, as I would not have been able to stay up without getting a second wind. Tomorrow I was just supposed to see a movie, which I’m thinking I may try and do on my own. I need to get out of the house this weekend. Too many weekends couped up.

Some online friends got me hooked on trivia over at It’s free, and you can totally get sucked into playing these games. Check out “Last One Standing” which is under the game shows. Uhg, you won’t leave your PC if you start playing it.


2 Responses to “You’ve Been Cancelled”

Erin Says:

What’s going on?

I’ve been TOTALLY obsessed with your Days website for YEARS, and just looked at your ‘About Dustin’ link for the first time.

I CAN’T BELIEVE you graduated from PWCS, and got your degrees from GMU.

I’m a 2nd grade teacher in PWCS right now, and I’m getting my master’s at GMU in Literacy.

I know it’s not a huge coinsidence – alot of people do those two things, but I’m surprised to know these things about you!


Aravis Says:

I hope you’re able to get out this weekend, shake off those cobwebs. :0)