After being dead again most of the morning, it finally hit me . . . allergies! I took some Clariton D and am much better. I also hit TarJay and spent a small fortune on new hepa filters for my air cleaners I bought last summer. They needed changing in a bad way. So hopefully I’ll be feeling much better come tomorrow.

I am contemplating “Spiderman 3” as I write this. I had intended to go to a showing around now, but just now started feeling up to it. It’s a loooooong movie and I didn’t need to fall asleep during it (probably wouldn’t be an issue as I’m sure the theater would be filled with screaming kids). I am going to try and go tonight, since nothing is on TV.

The other half of me wants to just sit on the couch and play some videogames. I haven’t done that in a long time 🙂

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