Hey, Where Did Spring Go?

These past few days it’s been sunny and clear skies, but down right chilly! Tomorrow they are claiming a possible frost too. Where did Spring go? Summer is right around the corner and we haven’t had much of a spring yet. Anyways this weekend I’m trying to make and keep plans to get OUT of the house. I’m hopefully seeing some friends for dinner and doing a movie. Maybe I’ll even get to do some dancing!

Nick at Night has added a new wonderful show to it’s line up . . . “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” Oh joy. After watching all of two episodes I remembered, aside from Bob Saget’s incredibly annoying commentary, why this show annoyed me. Yes a lot of the videos are funny, but half are crap people sent it purposely doing something (they thought was) funny and those were the ones that always got picked and won the money. I always hated the videos that won, I thought they were the crappy ones.

Tonight while flicking I found a channel showing “Beloved.” For those not familiar with this steaming turd, this was the movie Oprah produced and financed and was convinced was the best thing ever made on earth. It was so good she had the big Hollywood premier here in Philly, not in Hollywood. I sat through this three hour piece o’crap once and wanted those three hours of my life back. Well I initially turned it off immediately, thinking “Oh God not that crapper of a movie.” Five minutes later I had it on again. It seems it was so bad that is all I could actually remember about it, how terrible it was. I for some reason felt the need to be reminded exactly why it was terrible. Let me tell you, it’s been on for about a half hour now and it’s terrible. I can smell it it’s so bad!


2 Responses to “Hey, Where Did Spring Go?”

Aravis Says:

I know that Oprah has done a lot for a lot of people. But I just can’t like her. There’s a self-righteous, self-promoting air about her that just annoys the hell out of me.

That’s ok though. I don’t think she’s losing any sleep because I’m not a fan. *G*


jeremy Says:

Hello Dustin

Peter had to read the book for one of his English Lit classes this past term, and instead of reading the book, he rented the movie… O.M.G. You know I love me some Oprah, but girl, all that screeching, screaming and caterwauling just about did me in!!!

They are all in the house and she is screaming and wailing, I remember I was sitting here at the computer and I was like, what is all that noise !!!

We turned it off and did not finish watching it… UGH!

It is going to be 26c tomorrow and Wednesday YAY!!