Blogger Arrested For Throwing Rocks At Cars

Very soon that will be me! I swear I’m going to start carrying rocks in my pockets! I really don’t understand some people. When I walk the dogs, people feel the need to drive by me and blast their horns to scare me, or yell out the window. It pisses me off to no end. Also if I have to run across the street, which granted is a busy highway at times, some people get so angry! Hey idiot, you were 100 feet away, do you think I’m going to run out into traffic and risk my life? I’ll cross the street and then a car will go by honking at me like I caused them some great upset. I ran back out and flipped one the bird yesterday! Then there are the idiots at night drag racing down the damn street. Yes, I’m throwing something one of these days. Maybe not a rock, but something. Hmmmm, you know, I should invest in a pooper scooper.

Last night the BF and I went out to dinner. It was sooooooo good, but unfortunately didn’t agree with me. We went to a little Mexican themed place that blends Mexican flavor with a lot of American classics. For an appetizer I had chicken and avocado quesadillas with salsa and this amazing Mexican creme. For dinner I had pulled pork with spicy chipotle peanut bbq sauce, chipotle mash potatoes, black beans and green chile cornbread. My mistake was going from a really rich appetizer to a very spicy dinner. Oy! My stomach didn’t like me after dinner. We were planning on doing PF Changs this weekend, though I may have to rethink that one now.

Anyways, I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!


2 Responses to “Blogger Arrested For Throwing Rocks At Cars”

Aravis Says:

The food sounds great, but I’m sorry it didn’t agree with you. Have a great weekend!


Dathan Says:

That is as bad as when I take mine for a ride and people pull up beside me when stopped and start barking or taunting the dogs in some way. They are either brave or very stupid. Don’t they see me behind the wheel and my 38 laying on the dash.:)