Every time I sat down to blog, I ended up not doing it. Bad me! Anyways, Memorial Day Weekend was kind of a bust. No it was. I was supposed to do dinner with friends Saturday night, then they wanted to come play Nintendo at my place. Dinner unfortunately kept getting pushed back and back, to the point that by time it was done there would be no game time. I also spent a few hours cleaning my house thinking people were coming over, and inhaling toxic cleaner fumes gave me a bit of a headache. The headache passed, but the lateness wasn’t appealing to me, neither was PF Chang’s spicy food. I ended up canceling, we tried to do it Sunday . . . but I was tired and just not in the mood. It’s supposedly going to happen this Saturday.

I did get a few movies in. Let’s see . . . . don’t rent “Epic Movie.” Don’t even touch it in the rental store. Better yet, don’t even look at it. I should have known after the horror that was “Date Movie” not to watch this thing, but I did. I have lost a bit of respect for some of the actors who appeared in this steaming turd of a movie. Don’t even watch it when it comes on cable and is free!

Tonight we watched “Pan’s Labyrinth.” I’ve only been trying to get my hands on it since it came out. This movie is not at all what I was expecting! The effects and cinematography were beautiful. The story however was dark, disturbing and very depressing. There was an awful lot of gore and violence in it, we looked away a few times. It was a good movie in all, but not one I’d rush to watch again.

Finally a mocking bird has taken up residence outside the house. It’s most notable at night when I walk the dogs and there aren’t any cars on the road . . . everything is quiet . . . except for the bird. I don’t know what idiot decided to write a song about making this bird a present for some kid, but I don’t think they ever heard one. Annoying as all hell! The thing won’t shut up. I hope it does not find it’s way to the tree outside our window.


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Aravis Says:

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