The BF and I went to PF Changs for dinner last night. It was the first time either of us had ever been there. It was gooooood! For our appetizer we got pork dumplings. He had the crispy honey shrimp and I got the spicy chicken. Because we had never been they gave us a free dish, some spicy talapia (sp?) with pineapples. I don’t eat fish but it was gooooood! Unfortunately later that night the BF got cramps. Was it the food? Maybe! This is the second time after eating shellfish he’s gotten sick though. I told him no more. Unfortunately I woke up with a wonderful migraine. Was it the food? Maybe! However one of the big fat cats got into the room and sent me into an allergy fit, making it hard for me to sleep. So that could have been it too. We loved PF Changs, but are a bit afraid to go back.

Last night I had the weirdest dream ever. Well maybe not ever, but in a long time. I was vacationing with my cousins of all people. We were at some beach/amusement park type place, where I don’t know. I remember venturing out and while walking back from the park saw this very old and very out of shape old man wearing a “Borat” style bathing suit. If you don’t know what that is, consider yourself lucky. I couldn’t fathom as to why he’d want to show that much skin. Suddenly it dawned on me that I had no back to my shorts, my butt was hanging out! I had walked around all day like this. I quickly pulled my shirt down as far as I could and scrambled to get back to the room and change. Why had nobody told me my butt was hanging out? I didn’t understand!


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  1. Having one’s ass hanging out is never a pleasant experience. Good thing it was only a dream! Hope you and BF are feeling better now. :0)

  2. I hope you are both feeling better as well. You haven’t mentioned the “children” and if they stayed in the yard! Hmm, “Does my bum look fat in these?” *giggles*


  3. sounds like your boyfriend has either an intolerance to seafood or has an allergy to it. Both can cause unpleasant sickly feelings after eating shellfish. LOL on your dream !

  4. I have weird dreams like that too! By the way, I bought a Wii last night. Any game recommendations? I love the bowling game that came with it.

  5. What kind of games do you like? I was going to make a wii post soon with my wii # to trade with people online who read the blog and have one.

    I want to get the new Wario Ware game, I have all the game boy versions and love them. however I don’t want to get sucked into a game right now, I have tooo much going on.

    The rayman game is great, but gets real tough and can be frustrating at times. There is also a game called Trauma Center which is an operation style/puzzle game, love it. Zelda of course is a great adventure game but requires putting in a lot of time (not a pick up put down game).

    Some of the downloadable games are fun if you never played them the first time around (or yearn to play them again)

  6. Thanks for the recommendations. Where do you download the games from? I haven’t really played any games since the original nintendo days lol.

  7. You need to set up the Wii to get on the internet. You’ll need a wireless router for this (cable/dsl connection).

    If you don’t have a wireless router you have two options. One is to buy the wired connector, which is in stores like best buy. The other is to buy the Nintendo Wireless Lan adapter for a PC (also in best buy). It’s a little USB stick that will turn any internet connected PC into a wireless station the Wii can connect to.

    Once online there is a shop channel that you buy the games from. Most are about 5 bucks a pop.

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