One For The Days Fans

Rarely do I talk about the soaps on my blog, because it is supposed to be about my life outside the soaps. However tonight was just too funny. On the cruise there is an optional supper club which you pay thirty dollars to attend. The food is absolutely amazing, we are talking a 200 dollar dinner easily for 30 bucks. We dined there tonight and they have a live singer. I kid you not, she sang “Tonight I Celebrate My Love” (Bo and Hope’s song) followed by “Lady in Red” (Steve and Kayla’s song). I was like what the hell? Alas they didn’t go into “Friends and Lovers.”



2 Responses to “One For The Days Fans”

karen Says:

hey, good food cheap is a great deal! i don’t know the songs, i only watch Y&R, B&B, and passions.


Steve Says:

Way cool on the meal, but, a little heavy on the cheezy tunes! Gag.