Vacation Has Come To An End

I ran out of internet time the next to last day of the cruise and didn’t want to pay for more internet, so I haven’t been posting much. Yesterday we got back and to the hotel, but couldn’t check in. We spent the day at Sea World in San Diego. Today we hit the zoo. We had a blast! I took more photos there than on the whole cruise. I think Sea World has been my favorite part of the whole trip. I enjoyed it more than the whole cruise! Anyways I’ll be uploading all my photos to my webshots account soon and will let everyone know when they are up.

We are taking it easy tonight. We fly home at 7:45 am which means being at the airport early.



2 Responses to “Vacation Has Come To An End”

karen Says:

i love the zoo! never been to see world, would love to!


Aravis Says:

Sorry the cruise doesn’t seem to have gone as well as hoped. I can’t wait to hear more about your time in San Diego, though! :0)