Got up at 5:45 am to get to the airport. Arrived in DC/Virginia around 3:30, left there for the drive home to Jersey and got in a little after 8pm. Bushed! I’m trying to get the house together, unpacked and stay well. The cab driver to the airport was a walking germ and let us know he just had the worst case of flu in years. Then some kid behind us on the plane was all riled up and spreading kid germs. My throat hurts . . . . . If I wake up sick tomorrow I won’t be happy. Going to bed EARLY tonight.



4 Responses to “Back!”

Becky Says:

When you feel a cold or flu coming, take Zycam, or dose up on lots of Vitamin C and Airborne !


Aravis Says:

Get some rest!


DWQ Online Says:

Get some rest and get all back to normal. Welcome back from vacation.


Becky Says:

Yes rest is also good !