Vacation Wrap Up and Catching Up With TV

First up, so far so good, no sickness. I am terribly tired though. I could have kept on sleeping this morning, but I made myself get up. I have to get my body clock adjusted back to east coast time. Had a terrible time getting to sleep last night and and slept wwwaayyy too late today. I will have to take some sleeping pills right after “Heroes” ends tonight.

I have not yet got the photos up to my webshots. I’ll probably do a bit each day this week. I have FAR more photos from the San Diego Zoo and Sea World than the cruise. Had way more fun there than on the cruise.

I’m trying to figure out WHY I just didn’t enjoy the cruise this year. There were many factors, which make me wonder if I want to go on another. One of the major reasons was the cruise itself. We have only done the Caribbean before and tried something new, the Mexican Riviera. It was a disaster. The cruise was cold most of the time, the food wasn’t as good as before (a mixed blessing, I didn’t gain weight), there weren’t as many shore excursions as before and the ship just seemed a little more boring. On the previous cruises it seemed there was always something to do. This time we sat around just being bored. Also we didn’t go out of our way to meet anyone, we were given our own table at dinner which also didn’t help. Of course my working most of the cruise didn’t help either, but like I said, it wasn’t like there was anything to do during many of the days. If we do another cruise I want to go back to the Caribbean and definitely need one where I at least get to see some Mayan pyramids or something.

Sea World and the zoo were great. I liked Sea World the best. The zoo was fun, but having been to the DC zoo so many times it just didn’t have that oomph. We didn’t have time to go to the Wild Life Park, which really would have been great. Maybe if I ever get out to San Diego again I’ll check it out.

After a marathon of Tivod shows I’m finally caught up with all my shows. Loving “Heroes” but I have to give the biggest wow to the huge huge huge “Ugly Betty” reveal of the bandaged woman. WOW I didn’t see that one coming at all! Back to “Heroes” who do we think Claire’s father is? My guess is that it’s going to be “Flying Man” (I forget his name)

Tomorrow is the first day of throwing myself back into school work. I have to get my advisor some stuff by next week.



4 Responses to “Vacation Wrap Up and Catching Up With TV”

jeremy Says:

Hey Dustin…

I guess spending all that money and time to fly/cruise should have been spent on a land vacation. I take it you were on a Spirit Class vessel. The Mexican Riviera is trying to rebuild itself and there are a mess of ships going there. Mexico is kinda hit and miss, so is Carnival. You gotta hit it at the right time.

San Diego is a great city just to visit. I’ve spent time there. I am glad to know you are up and around and not sick. Consider all that travel in enclosed spaces! UGH! Anyways, lots going on around here today! Welcome home….

Time for you to start ranting about your computer and foreign far far away assistance!! tee hee !!!

I can’t wait for pictures!!



Becky Says:

Try other vacation options next time !


Dustin Says:

We were actually on the Spirit. All our other cruises have been great, but this one was a let down. Don’t think we’d do it again.


Allison Says:

You sooo need to go back to San Diego!

I grew up in San Diego. The Zoo is cool but the Wild Animal Park is amazing!! It was probably a good thing though that you didn’t get to the Wild Animal Park this time as I think they are remodeling the tram, which is the whole point of going, lol! Also, you should get to Seaport Village, the Hotel Del Coronado and the whole of Coronado Island, and so much more, lol!
I also lived in Southern Maryland (Waldorf, blah) for 4 years so I have been many many many times to the National Zoo. Love that one too!!

Have a good one :)!