Vaction Update! Photos Included!

So far the cruise has been up and down. Let’s start with the good . . . .

The ship is the sister ship to the first ship I ever cruised on with the BF five years ago. That is kinda fun, it has a nostalgic feel and all to it. The décor is nice and there are a lot less old people than on last years cruise. The club on this ship is like that on the first and has the best layout. It’s a two floor club with a dance floor on the bottom and an area upstairs to sit and watch. The music is far better than last years as is the crowd in the club.

The BF was delirious to see that in the daily listings they have a meeting for “The Friends of Dorothy.” If you don’t know what this means, Google it. We went the first night but it was in a noisy jazz bar. It was weird and awkward, not a good place to mingle or talk. People showed up, but it seemed nobody wanted to talk. Others not in the know just came to sit and listen to the music or wait for the dining room to open. They way out numbered everyone else by far, so that hindered communication too. They have since moved it elsewhere, but last night nobody came. I may scoot in and see if anyone is there tonight.

The Annoying . . . .

The internet runs like a slug. It’s terrible. You have to try connecting to sites five times before it works. I think I’ve used half the minutes of the block I bought and it’s only been one day. Most of it was trying to get to sites and my email.

The Bad . . . .

The first real day of the cruise and I was hit with a huge migraine. This of course put me into a foul mood. The rest of the day was spent . . . . working on my soap pages.

The second day it was my BF’s turn to be sick as a dog. He has not gotten out of bed. He says it was probably something he ate yesterday. A bartender just said “Maybe it was the lobster, “not even knowing that is what he ate! Oops! I guess the lobster was rancid. I keep saying he has the Norwalk virus. He tells me not to say that. I once again spent most of the day doing work.

I’ve decided I just have too much work to do not to work. I’ve essentially given up on time management. Terrible I know. I spent the past two days basically working and taking little breaks to walk around and do stuff on the ship. I don’t see this changing for the rest of the trip.

Tomorrow we go to Acapulco. We are going to see the cliff divers tomorrow night. Hopefully the BF will be well enough to get up and do stuff. Hopefully the weather will be better too. Its been cold and cloudy so far, which sucks.

Anyways, here are a few photos I’ve taken. Enjoy!


8 Responses to “Vaction Update! Photos Included!”

Becky Says:

That’s a very beautiful cruise ship !


Arie Says:

Wow Dustin! Those are gorgeous shots. You have an eye for photography. Hope the cruise gets much more fun for you and the BF. You really need to enjoy your trip. Sounds like you are just working working working… have fun in Alcapulco. been there and it’s quite beautiful. At least when I went.


Tami Says:

That is an awesome pic of you and John!!! You both look smashing!! The rest of the pics are gorgeous too … u really take good photos! Have fun and TRY to relax ok?
xo love ya!


KipEsquire Says:

Hope things quickly turn 100% awesome for you two! 🙂


Becky Says:

now this makes me want to go on a sea cruise !


Aravis Says:

Those photos are outstanding!

Sorry to hear your cruise is off to a rocky start and I hope it improves soon. Watching the cliff divers sounds like fun!


Janelle Says:

Dustin, What beautiful photos!! You and the BF look amazing!! He is a hotie!! I hope you two have a better time after the BF gets well. Just don’t eat the lobster, LOL.


jeremy Says:

You are on a cruise – forget the work, enjoy yourself. Jeeeezzzus!! I hope you are both better today, this would be Sunday the 21st around 1130pm in Montreal. I agree you both look very dashing. Vacations are meant for enjoyment not homework!