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I will update you on the vacation soon. It has had its up and downs. I’m in an up place, the BF is in a down place. It was the opposite yesterday lol


Motel Hell And The Big Fun Ship!

Blogging from Motel Hell right now. We stayed in a Comfort Suites/Inn last night. The room and place is nice enough, but we got put right by the door to the parking lot so were treated to noisy ass rude people all night long. I woke up at 5:30am Cali time and tried to go back to bed but just gave up.

We get kicked out of our hotel around 11am. BTW, the hotel has signs to let us know there are products used on the premises that according to California may cause cancer, birth defects and reproductive problems. Good to know!

We can’t get on the ship till 1pm at the earliest and can’t exactly tour around with our luggage. I’m pressing for us to sit at the cruise terminal and be the first ones on the ship . . . so I can go watch the soaps!

We won’t have internet till later this evening, so this is probably my post for the day. Ship thoughts and hopefully some photos tomorrow!


Really Really Long Day!

Oh lord. It is almost 1am my time but really it’s only 10pm in California. We will wake up tomorrow on our schedule and it will be 6am here!

It was the plane ride from heeelllllllll! I hate flying across country because it takes forever and it seemed like the seats were closer together than ever. It never fails I ALWAYS end up sitting behind someone who has to recline their seat fully for the whole trip. Thus it was almost impossible for me to do any work on my laptop on the plane as it was in my face. What irked me was Grandma Moses reclined her seat back, but then leaned forward on her seat tray and read a book the whole trip! Oh she also farted . . . a lot . . . . and they smelled!

By time we got in it was very early in CA, but we were wiped. Hung out at the hotel and watched the television and did some soap stuff until my friend arrived. Poor Keith was supposed to get in BEFORE us but was stuck in Dallas because of the ice storms. We ended up just going to TGIF for dinner and then to some mall to pick up the things we forgot. We did not hit the town or see any sights in San Diego. Perhaps after the cruise, we are staying over that weekend to see things.

Right now I’m about to watch Medium. I should go to bed, but the later I force myself to stay up the later I’ll sleep in and adjust to the time difference (yeah right!)


Vacation Is A Go!

My mom headed to the bank this morning and struck gold. Not only was my birth certificate there, but so was this credit card/wallet sized birth certificate thing (which seems to be a Virginia thing) that I was convinced was lost long ago (and my mom was convinced I had somewhere).

So it was up to New Jersey to get my license and then back down to Virginia. Basically about 6 hours were spent in the car today. However everything is set, including our ride to the airport in the morning. Everything is packed, hopefully nothing has been forgotten. Most important is hopefully there will be no more drama!

I started working on this huge blog post last night on all the drama that lead up to this drama. It needs lots of editing. Perhaps I’ll wait until AFTER the vacation to get into the heavy stuff. (before anyone’s mind starts wandering, the drama isn’t between me and the BF).

Tomorrow we will be in San Diego. I’m not sure what we’ll be doing. By time we get in it will be late our time so who knows. Then on Thursday off to the big Carnival boat. I’ll try and make posts each day, if something exciting happened. I’ll include a few photos, with the majority having to come after we get off the boat. Every minute online is $$$ so I can’t hang around waiting for, say 50 images to upload 🙂


Home On The Range

The BF and I drove home to Va with the dogs. We secured the fence as best as we could where the escape attempt was suspected. I guess I just have to hope for the best.

My mom heads to the bank tomorrow, I so hope that the birth certificate is there. If it is then it’s a three hour drive up to Jersey to get my liscence and a three hour drive back. If it’s not, it’s even MORE driving. It won’t be pretty and I’m not even the one driving.

Meanwhile the past two nights I have had dreams about my grandmother, my last living grandparent. She has Alzheimer’s pretty bad. Last time I saw her she didn’t know who I was. My relatives reminded her, but within fifteen minutes she had forgotten. She sat there and told me various stories about her family, it was sad.

The fact that I’m all of the sudden dreaming about her has me worried. I’m fearing a phone call soon that she’s passed.


Breath In Breath Out

Things are looking much better today. We head to Virginia tomorrow to secure my mom’s yard so the dogs won’t escape. Tuesday morning off to the bank, hopefully my birth certificate is in the safe deposit box. If not then we have a 2 hour drive to Richmond, then 2 hours back, then 3 hours back to NJ! Wednesday we can get the license and we’ll have to rework the plane tickets and change the reservations. Now if the birth certificate is there, it’s still 3 hours to Jersey to get the license, 3 hours back and then leave as planned from Virginia Wednesday. No doubt about it though, it will be a lot of driving over the next 2 days.

Assuming everything works out, I’ll detail the embarrassing story that led up to this. Needless to say I have some thinking and changes to make. Basically, surprise surprise, the short version is I’m just too stressed out. Many of you are already asking if I’ll replace the O.C. or if Passions is canceled will I add another soap page . . . right now I just don’t know. We’ll have to see how things go really. The hours I’ll get back from not having to do those pages I can actually apply to school, which is what I need to do. It will also go a long way to alleviating some of my stress.

Assuming I can get on that ship, I will be buying lots of massages 🙂


Just Sick

I’m not going into it right now, but needless to say the vacation is so up in the air right now. Basically I need a new drivers license, but to get it I need my birth certificate. My birth certificate is, um, yeah that’s the problem. My mom is sure I have them, I’m sure I gave them back to her at one point after I did what I needed them for. If they aren’t in her safe deposit box at the bank, which we can’t check till Tuesday morning, then I have to drive to Richmond Va to try and get one. Then I have to come back to NJ to get a license (unless I can get some other same day photo ID somewhere that is government issued). Needless to say even if I get this all done, we now need a new flight out to California either Wednesday night or Thursday morning to catch the cruise.

Like I said, sick 🙁

PS Don’t ask about a passport 🙁

Aruba, Bahama . . . Oops Wrong Coast!

So tonight I started packing for the cruise. Well more like organizing. I have to head down to my mom’s on Sunday with the dogs, so I need to start thinking about what I need now. Yeah I could call the BF and say “Oops forgot this!” but I’d rather not.

Every year I ALWAYS over pack. Well actually I pack things I don’t wear or in the case of last year, didn’t fit! I’ve made sure i’m not wasting space with that this year. I try and pack and have a clean shirt for each day, though every year I always say to myself “Why didn’t I just cut this in half and do laundry on the ship?” Maybe this year I’ll do that, we’ll see. The idea of having to do laundry on vacation sucks.

I have my stack of school work to take with me too. Yes I’m taking it. Every year I bring it, only a few times have I ever done anything with any of it. This year I really want to try and at least do an hour of some kind of school work a day. Of course when you add trying to watch 2 hours of soaps a day, updates related to it . . . the vacation aspect seems to be completely lost and I’m paying to sit in a floating hotel and do what I do at home! Still, I really need to try and do some work and the lack of internet will help a LOT. Plus it doesn’t look like we will be doing many shore exercesions, so we’ll be on the ship a lot this year. I’m thinking an hour in the morning after breakfast or right before dinner I will dedicate to school work. We shall see! My BF will be more than happy to do nothing in a deck chair, Keith i’ll just throw my PSP at and say here play. That way I can do what I need 🙂

We still have not found out squat about the police incident last night from the earlier blog. Tried googling our town and trying to find a police or crime blotter, no luck. It might be in the paper next week, though we won’t be here. Alas we will never know what was going on probably.


PS Whatever happened, it wasn’t important enough to make the local news. The big story on the news tonight was the 4 minutes of snow we got mid-day. I kid you not, that was the lead-in story tonight.

Bad Boys Bad Boys, Whatcha Gunna Do?

I got hit with a lovely migraine yesterday and spent most of the afternoon into the early evening in bed. I got up around 8pm and my head was better, but I had just slept far too long and would have issues getting to sleep that night.

I ended up watching two movies. The first was “Idiocracy” which stars Luke Wilson and Maya Rudloph. It’s a Mike Judge movie. Basically Luke is an average guy who ends up frozen in an army experiment and instead of being woken up 1 year later, he wakes up 500 years in the future. Everyone in the world is stupid thanks to vegging in front of the television and everyone is basically a spoof of Beavis and Butthead. Most even talk like Beavis and Butthead. However this was not Beavis and Butthead. It was pretty much a terrible movie, I don’t recommend it.

The second film I watched was “The Night Listener.” This was an Armistead Maupin book, based on a real story that happened to him, that was turned into a movie. The premise is a radio show host is contacted by a 14 year old dying boy and his adoptive mother. The boy has written a book about the terrible sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of his parents. He sends the book to the radio show hosts because he’s a fan. The hosts has a publisher who wants to publish the book. However things turn dark when it comes to light that the mother of the boy and the boy basically seem to have the same voice! The host then goes on a hunt to find out if this boy exists or if it’s been a con.

This was a very creepy movie, but with an unsatisfactory ending. The special feature about the real story and making of the film actually gives more resolution. I guess they wanted the audience to make their own mind up about what was going on.

As this film was winding down, at three am, I noticed there were a lot of cop cars going up and down the street. At one point sirens were flashing and weren’t moving. I thought someone got pulled over. I looked out the window to see a cop car basically barricading the street right in front of my BF’s mom’s house (she lives down and across the street). Woke him up, said something is going on. He calls her and says “Oh my God, what was that sound, what is going on!” I don’t wait to see what is happening, I assume someone has broken into her house. I get dressed and start walking down the street (Stupid!). Half way there I stop and look around. I can see a BIG cop standing in the street by his car. All I could see was the dark silhouette of those long police coats. I decided maybe it was best if I just turn around and go back inside. I turn around and see about 5 cop cars at the other end of the street blocking it! At this point I’m like “Oh shit, I’m going to get mistaken for someone and get shot!” I quickly make my way back to my house. My BF then informs me that while on the phone with his mom he swears he heard gunshots in the background. The cops stayed around till about 3:30am and finally dispersed. No idea what happened, we may never find out what was going on unless the paper reports it in the crime ledger.


Le Sigh

I called HP today about my PC. I was told blah blah blah, when you sent it in you were told there could be a back order because parts for your model were not available, blah blah blah. Basically please call back in 3-4 days and we’ll have an update. Last night the told me to call today and they’d know for sure. All I can say about now is JD Power and associates can kiss my arse, cause I don’t think their certification means squat. Once I get my pc back I’ll be firing off a letter to HP about all this. Unacceptable! Last night when I called they tried to sell me another extension to my warranty, saying if there was any problem and I had to send it in I’d have it back within 4 days. Meanwhile, almost a month later . . . . .

We put Christmas away this weekend. I accidentally dropped one of my bazillion Nativity peaces and it broke 🙁 I called today to the place that makes them and ordered a replacement. I’m repacking them later on to make sure the accident doesn’t happen again (it happen while transporting them to the basement storage, they are each in individual boxes, which I’m doing away with)

Other than that, not much going on. I’m trying to work on getting a bunch of my friends together for dinner this weekend as I haven’t seen them in forever (all together). Then I head home with the dogs to my mom’s. I have to secure her yard and make sure the dogs won’t escape, otherwise I can’t go on my cruise and enjoy it 🙂