When It Rains It Pours?

So my BF is apparently getting a cold . . . the day after I came home! Maybe I made him sick? It also seems a lot of my friends up here are getting colds as well, so something must be going around the area. I better not get sick, I’m already taking stuff to make sure I don’t.

I have tentative plans to go out to the city this coming weekend, I want to be well for that since it’s been so long since I went out. It also just dawned on me that in two weeks it will be Friday the 13th. I gotta plan something for that night. Some of my friends have already brought up going to Eastern State Penitentiary in Philly. This is the big Quaker prison that is very creepy and very haunted. We went once before and it was fun. They set up a haunted house in part of the prison, though to be honest it would be creepier if they just took you through the prison in the dark.


– – I better not wake up sick tomorrow!


5 Responses to “When It Rains It Pours?”

Aravis Says:

If you ever get the chance, try going to Salem, MA for Halloween. I went once and it was great!


Steve Says:

I started to feel like ass on Saturday morning and my BF’s been a little sniffly, so I’m blaming him. Hope you have a good week, by the way.


DWQ Online Says:

I hope you are not sick this morning. I hope you work up all perky and sickness-free.


Musicguy Says:

Buy some Airborne. We teachers swear by it. It’s just a hell of a lot of vitamin C and zinc. You take it when you feel the cold coming on and it will either get rid of it or drastically reduce the blow!


Jaxia Says:

I just got over bronchitis, and my gf is still trying to get over pneumonia. It is def that time of year. I hope ya’ll feel better!