On Monday October 2nd at 10pm, Nick At Night begins their “Designing Women” marathon! They will show the show from 10-2am every night of the week, I believe afterwards it will be added to the nightly line-up. Yes! I have missed this show since Lifetime (television for lesbians) stopped showing it.

I remember tuning into “Murphy Brown” and then “Designing Women” on Monday nights with my mom. I have so many favorite moments from the show, many of course are of Suzanne Sugarbaker. “Consuela Consuela Bobela!” I also loved the episode where Julia got hassled by the construction workers and Charlene just had to know what the guy said to her, calling it “a sickness.” Julia then launched into this whole speech that went something along the lines of “Hey, what it is, what it is hot mama. Need it. Want it. Got to have it. Now.”



2 Responses to “It’s The Little Things That Make Me Happy”

Aravis Says:

I used to love the show too, and since I always leave Nick at Night on when I go to bed I’m sure to see it. Thanks for the heads up!


DWQ Online Says:

I love Designing Women also. My favorite episode is when Susanne fosters the chinese girl. I cry every time.