No Sir No Dancing Today

Today was the first full day of the relatives being here with the dogs. As I kinda suspected, I got almost know school work done. I decided I would just try and rework and edit what I’ve written, as any kind of new analysis would be too frustrating. I got an hours of editing in this morning, this afternoon I just gave up. I had a difficult enough time getting soap updates done with all the talking to one another and to me going on. I think I may just have to accept the next 2 days I’ll get no school work done, oh well. We’ll see if I can get something done. As for tonight, normally I would work till about 10-11pm. I’m already just giving it up.

My poor aunt and uncle, they had problems with their motor home getting here, and now their one car they brought has clutch problems. They have to take it to a dealer to be fixed. They may be here until next week rather than the few days they were planning on.

I’m going home either Friday or Saturday as planned. I can’t stick around that long, I need to work! Plus my BF called me today asking “When are you coming back!”

Last night I watched “The Lake House.” I only rented it because there was NOTHING else at Blockbuster to get. I was pleasantly surprised. Total chick flick, cheesy and predictable. However it was fun and I would recommend it for people who like romantic stories with a bit of magical flare.

Finally “Project Runway” tonight, from the promos I guessed that all four were going to the finale. I so wish they kicked Jeffrey off though!


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