I woke up with a wonderful migraine on one side of my head (which is usually how they come on). Spent most of the morning/early afternoon on a heating pad. Thought I nipped it in the bud, but then this afternoon it hit me on the other side of the head. This has NEVER happened to me before. I’ve never had one switch sides. I think I’ve nipped that one in the bud too.

Tonight I watched “Ugly Betty” on ABC. I LOVED this show. From the promos I thought it looked ridiculous, but it was really good. I know “family” groups are going to raise a ruckus over the obviously homosexual nephew because of his age. For those who didn’t watch, this little tween kid wanted to watch “Fashion TV” and when offered desert said “No way, it will make me fat.” Just wait, a boycott will be organized I’m sure 🙂 Why? Because of something on TV doesn’t meet the approval of the “family” crowd then they must organize a boycott to have it removed, rather than you know, turn the channel or monitor what their children watch.

For those who missed it, the premise is this . . . “Ugly” Betty lives in Queens with her father, sister and “gay” nephew. She’s fresh out of college and lands her big break as the assistant to the editor in chief of “Mogue” (A vogue ripoff). Betty is a tad overweight, bad hair, bad fashion sense and braces. She comes to find out that she was hired by the company’s CEO basically because he did not want his son to be distracted with his usual beautiful assistants which he ends up boinking. The son has other problems, he was appointed over a woman who worked there 20 years and should have got the position, so she’s out to ruin him. She almost does but Betty saves the day and earns the son’s respect.



3 Responses to “It’s Been An “Ugly” Day”

Aravis Says:

I watched this too and loved it. I know some have been calling it a Devil Wears Prada ripoff, but it’s actually based on a telenovela on a spanish channel. So I thought that those flashes to the telenovela during the episode were inspired! *G*


Steve Says:

We saw previews of that show and kinda went… pfff. Now, I wished we would’ve checked it out.


tami Says:

Ugly Betty was cute, but ohmygod … did you watch Grey’s Anatomy after????????????? I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!