Madonna and the Muslims

Today on the news I half caught some story about a Mozart opera in Germany that had to be cancelled. The problem? The opera featured props of the severed heads of Jesus, Buddha and Mohamed. The Muslim population went ape shit over this. If you recall recently there was a lot of controversy over some cartoons in papers in Europe, it’s a sacrilege to depict Mohammad in any kind of drawing or sculpture. Well the same thing happened in Germany with this play. Well the person reporting the news story went off on how this play was being shut down because the Muslims didn’t like it, it’s a classical opera, other religious figureheads are also being displayed, yada yada. Basically it was like she was saying “Muslims get over it.” Meanwhile, The American Family ASSociation is currently working a boycott of NBC. Why? Because Madonna has the balls to mock the crucifixion of Jesus in her concert, which NBC is planning to air in November.

You know what? If you don’t like something. Don’t watch it. If you feels it insults you or your faith, DON’T WATCH IT. The 700 Club insults me but instead of organizing a boycott to get it taken off the air I just don’t watch it!

BTW, I saw the concert, and what MOST of the reports don’t tell you is that while Madonna is on the “mirrored” cross and singing “Live To Tell,” above her is a number that grows ever larger. Eventually it reaches an absurd total and you are informed that this is the number of children orphaned by AIDS in Africa. Images are shown on television screens, as are numbers and websites where you can find out more information and how to help. Kinda changes the WHOLE scene doesn’t it? You know if it was Mel Gibson up there singing the song from “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome” people would be saying “Wow Mel’s so great helping those kids out.” However since it’s Madonna they have to attack her.


PS Raging Rainbows posted a similar thread thismorning lol!

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