Still Struggling With The Head

I probably REALLY shouldn’t be on the PC, but oh well. The migraine feels like it wants to come back. Now it’s at the back of my head. Never have I had a migraine move around this much, rarely do mine last more than a day. I’m supposed to drive home tomorrow finally after being in Va for two weeks. Here is hoping I don’t wake up with a headache in the morning. I have also just realized I’ll be going home to a house that probably hasn’t been cleaned in two weeks! Oh lord, I guess I know what I’ll be doing when I get home.

As I gear up for the release of “The Little Mermaid” on DVD next week I’ve noticed next week it seems all the HD-DVD and HD-DVD players hit the market (the players going for $500 bucks and up!). Meanwhile Sony has their “Blue Ray” format coming out as well. This is going to be like Betamax verses VHS all over again, and a lot of early adopters will probably wind up being screwed over.

The PS3 has Blue Ray built in, I intend on getting one of them eventually. The Xbox 360 is coming out with an HD DVD add on, which I may consider getting. I sure as hell won’t be paying an insane about of money for a new player only to end up out the money. FYI, my family chose Betamax in the 80s. Technically superior to VHS, but somehow it lost out in the end. Go figure.



2 Responses to “Still Struggling With The Head”

Aravis Says:

I bought The Little Mermaid video on the day it was first released. Remember that scandal about the artist who was pissed at Disney and so he turned one of the castle turrets on the video’s cover art into a penis before he left?

I have that. *G*

Also on the older version, if you look at the priest (?) who is marrying Prince Eric to Ursula (in disguise), you’ll see that for just a second, he was given a woody…

Is it sad that I know these things? They were pointed out to me; I didn’t discover them on my own, if it helps my case. ;0)


tami Says:

omgggggggggg I am so excited about “Little Mermaid”!!!!!!
Sorry you had a migraine … as one who suffers from them as well, I can truly sympathise!!